Warcraft – Stunning animation!

Went to see Ragnar from Vikings playing himself (lol) in Warcraft – the movie made after the highly successful game of the early 2000’s. My surprise came from the animated characters in the movie and I was stunned at the level of detail they went into.

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel


“Two Worlds. One Destiny.” Until now, it’s been “Two Worlds. One Home,”

The storyline is common to multiple invasions (be it alien or human-based) and it starts with the orc-lands being unsuitable for the orc lives anymore so they go and attack (much like the Vikings did) the lands of the humans through an inter-dimensional portal.


The orcs are huge beasts, covered with long un-cut hair (do you remember the Khal’s braids in Game of Thrones?) and have may bones to show their kills and the tusks of a sabertooth or a small warhog (go see Teenage Mutant Turtles 2 to see what a warhog is). They have war in their blood and you can see they know one way to resolve a conflict. Violence and more violence. Make it bloody and we have a win!


Now the orcs are divided: they have a chief who is good and kind and sees the ways of their leader will eventually poison Earth as well as it did way back in the original orc lands – and we have people who are divided – following their current leader either because of promises of power or because they fear him.

And as we know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No peace will be drawn between human and orcs and war is the only answer.

A look at Gul'dan

A look at Gul’dan


We stand divided – are we Orcs or are we with the human alliance? Do we stand with the conquerors or with the conquered?

Best parts: the story of orcs, their family life, their chief & brotherhood. The romance between the human and the half orc. The Moses journey. The awesome wizards and summons (blue eyes baby!)

Worse parts: Can I say that I related more to the orcs than to the humans? Their acting was better and I cried when the chief died (spoiler!) and when his wife died (spoiler 2!).

Leading up to the release of the Warcraft movie, Legendary Pictures has released an immersive movie trailer that gives you a 360 degree aerial view of Stormwind, one of the capital cities of the land of Azeroth.

Created by developer Blizzard, the Warcraft franchise began as a series of real-time strategy games, but really hit its mainstream stride with the release of the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, World of Warcraft (2004), where players adventure throughout the lore-rich world of Azeroth.

A film adaptation set in the Warcraft universe has been in development in some form or another as far back as 2006 when Blizzard and Legendary pictures announced the project. But now it would seem that production has hit the next gear, with the film recently getting a release date of June 10th, 2016.


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