The feminism movement is handled by some incompetent women!

X-Men-Apocalypse-Oscar-IsaacUnless you have been living in a cave for the last few days, you would have heard about the scandal surrounding the strangling scene in X-Men Apocalypse. I went and saw the movie and I think it was awesome! There is no thought of inequality when watching mutants of all gender and ages fight to defeat the big boss. 

A crazy chick saw something else. A belittling of a woman, a man performing his dominating side and strangling a poor and helpless woman. Women Unite!

‘There is a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a film,’ says actor Rose McGowan.

While, according to the British press, over 37 million women are confronted on a daily basis with constant abuse like: imposing a marriage, marital rape, pre-teen marriage (forced too), beatings, isolation, impossibility to have and carry out a profession, limitation of movement, there are now people debating a billboard.

Katie HopkinsThe extreme-right feminism, well tied from the extreme-left one (until they are one), is nothing but a new moral-cancer extremism, not very different from Nazism and the lewd medieval Christianity. It makes feminism an implosive and toxic philosophy, demanding heavy money from people’s pockets without having anything to show for it, without even a serious agenda. Not even it is not able to move a single pin for those forcibly married women, those circumcised ladies (here in Europe!) but they can’t even carry forward the legacy left to us from the feminists of the last century.

They knew what they wanted: equal pay for women and men who do the same work and are in the same work position, sufficient centres to help women in need (either due to their partners or to the social discrimination), and an age discrimination against women over 40 or those who are very young and seen as being more capable as taking the species forward and not the company they work for.

Everywhere in the world, the woman is meant to be able to take care of herself. Her sisters exploit her as much as the misogynists everywhere. Either to be able to say “you got what you were looking for” or because they are afraid of loosing their comfortable lifestyle.

I wonder whether these people requesting equal rights with such a big voice are doing it for respect or for media influence. I respect the courage of women who choose family over their career, in spite of all condemnation, and the woman, who on her own two legs, assumes her singledom. I also respect the woman who (still) believes in the concept of Wonder Woman. It’s her right even though I believe we can’t all be Golda Meir.

For me, Golda is the most feminist role-model I know. I wish I was like her and as bad as it sounds, I want to be an active woman, so we do not end up in a corrupted Europe, filled with brain-washed idiots, made stupid by the daily comforts and the riches that surround us.. The European feminism today is only fooled by the wealth, dead in its own ideas before it even came out of the bed in which it cries stupidly about its own unhappiness.

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Written by theFerkel