Be your own special kind of crazy


As awesomely different as hyper-successful people are, they have one super-thick, unbreakable strong, common thread holding them together as a united force of nature: They’re all bat sh*t f*cking crazy.

“madness” is the ultimate breeding ground for creativity, and creativity is the driving force behind fresh, exciting ideas.

AzYeB8yCIAAdyGBBe keyed into your sixth sense, your inner voice, your gut, your heart, your instinct. We all have it, but most of us don’t trust it.

This is where we go direly wrong. This is when we end up f*cked over and in trouble.

Trust your gut and don’t intellectualize yourself out of it.

When you’re passionate, nothing can snuff out your fire, and inevitably, that will lead you to longer, more powerful success.


Once you let go of caring about what others think, you’re free to do what you truly want to do.

When you’re not shackled to the handcuffs of societal “appropriateness,” you will do what you please without fearing disappointing the masses.

This gives you the courage to fearlessly embark on new business projects and recklessly dive into the arms of the love of your life, regardless of his or her gender, sexuality or what your friends and family think.


“Rules” were created by the imagination-less populous as a way to control brilliant, creative minds.

People who are free of independent thought vehemently fear creative creatures — it’s the very reason books are burned and art is banned. How can you have a thriving, authentic love life if you’re following “rules” of the relationship timeline and protocol, and it’s not working for you or your partner? How can you be a good friend if you’re judging?

How can you be a ground-breaking entrepreneur if you’re perpetually following orders and afraid to think beyond what’s already been done?

c23c7165-3786-4096-b426-09427aa2a0a7I dare you to tell a crazy person “NO.” Say, “NO,” to a crazy, and he or she will simply take it as a challenge to prove your sorry ass wrong.

Isn’t it the undying relentlessness, the refusal to be shot down, the inability to settle and the downright confidence to keep trucking along after you’ve fallen rejected exactly what it takes to be successful in anything at all?


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Written by theFerkel