Hellsing – Best closing monologue of a villain- OVA ep 10

As he lay there dying, he came up with a fantastic monologue, showing his inner torment, his desire to beat Alucard and his undying obsession with immortality and vampires. Purely amazing.

Every human in the world will not know of us

Every human in the world will forget about us

So now we only need ourselves.

“Your master is my master.

Your friend is my friend and you are going to be killed by me. I have no interest in having a play fight with your life on the line. You are just a traitor..I have never once in my entire life have I forgiven a traitor.

Don’t think that I’ll waste my time with a fair fight. Your death will be a quick one… besides, I’m hungry. Even I don’t know if I can finish all this! Everything seems to be going as you wished, Major! That’s right. Everything is going as I thought.

He has once again started building his castle… Victory is mine. I do not see him as a man, I don’t even see him as a vampire. He is like a castle… He is a moving domain…and in it, he commands a population called ” The river of death”

What should I do to defeat him? What methods should I use to destroy him? When I am awake or asleep, that’s all I think about. Because it’s my one way to start a war.

vlcsnap-2016-05-08-20h17m37s246War. It’s a war! Between him and myself. I must devote my body and soul to fighting.

What do I have? What does he have? He can transform his body, summon familiars, has the power control the hearts of men. Regenerate his body, consumption of another blood, and views other lives as food.

That’s him.

I have nothing. Why? Because I’m a human. It ‘d be magnificent to be a vampire, right?Living for an eternity, fighting for an eternity, it’d just be a life of bliss,right?

But I can’t do that… That’s something I’ll never do.. Immortality is magnificent.

Power is bright.

By paying in blood, you can destroy your soul and life.

Begone! My heart,my soul and my life. It’s mine and mine only! Becoming one with another’s life, fusing with another life, connecting with another’s heart.

The essence of a vampire.


It’s magnificent, isn’t it?

How wonderful that must be! But, this isn’t a joke! I’ve had enough of it.

What’s mine is mine alone! From every strand of hair to every drop of blood!

I am me… I am me.. I AM ME!

I am so jealous…

You are so beautiful and so loved, that’s I have nothing but hatred towards you.

That’s why you are my enemy.

Worthy of becoming my enemy!

Finally, I have found my old enemy

For my war..


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Written by theFerkel