Revolutionary Romania – The painting

There is one painting in the Bucharest National Museum of Art which I still think about, a few months after my visit there.

It’s a painting of a woman, leading a revolution..
It’s a painting of Maria Rosetti (the wife of his best friend C.A. Rosetti), wearing a folk costume. You can see the tri-color flag (red, yellow and blue) in her hand and you can see a burning hill behind her (Dealul Spirii). It’s dated 1850 and holds the name of “C. Rosenthal/ Jeune Valaque”.

Maria Rosetti (nee Mary Grant, in UK) was the first female reporter in Romania. The wife of the revolutionary C.A. Rosetti, she became the symbol of the 1848 revolution. She put her name on a number of articles in the Romanian press in a time where being a journalist was purely a man thing. She also created a weekly paper called Mother and Child. She is now seen as a symbol for the fight for freedom and equality, in the same way that Delacroix painted the French Revolution:

Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix(1830), which celebrates the July Revolution


And the beautiful La Adelita in the Mexican Revolution (by Angel Martin):


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