Captain Hunk vs Emo Iron Man in Civil War

I managed to book two seats for me and my friend for the newest installment in the Marvel Universe which brought together Spiderman, AntMan, Iron-Man, Captain America, The Sexy Black Widow, The tormented Winter Soldier, and.. and.. so many more … and also to my massive surprise, Nikki Lauda from “Rush” – Daniel Brühl.


Atlanta, GA – Spanish-German actor Daniel Bruhl heads to set of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Daniel plays supervillain Heinrich Zemo.

After seeing Batman go after Superman for silly reasons, I was expecting Marvel to destroy it too by inventing some bull$hit plot to get them fighting. It was a bit drawn out of the hat but the WOW factor made it worthwhile! 

Plus points: being Romanian, hearing my country mentioned on-screen so many times and not in a gypsy context made me irrationally happy. Seeing Bucharest again was good, even though my days there were not so action-packed as these ones. On the bad side, even though they used some “B” number-plates and you can see some “Dacia Logan”s in the background, the main jeeps where the action unfolds have German number plates (all of them). Plus I don’t remember this tunnel in Bucuresti.


On the plus side again, Chris Evans has been working out. Whenever he is on the screen, those biceps and those pecs just scream “TOUCH ME YOU CAT LOVING LADY!”



He’s holding a freaking helicopter with his bare arms!

Bad points: Thor is hotter than Captain America and he wasn’t in this movie. Him and the Hulk are missing and none of the Avengers know where they are.

Good points: The flame witch (Elizabeth Olsen) gets some quality screen time. She has amazing eyes and is really cute. I loved the tormented face she makes when thinking of all the people she killed. Bad points: Arrow is in the movie too and it kinda feels like a cameo for a greater head-count.


Good points: Scarlet witch and Vision have a buddying romance showing up and I love it when he just walks up to her and towers over her saying that he’s not afraid of her as his fear glands are plastic (or something like it). Plus she is so strong she can bring him to his knees (and then push him into the floor … and the one below … and the one below … and the one below).


Even though they were on opposite camps, they still made peace at the end and I can’t wait until they make the movie where they get together and have the babies they have in the comics!


And the best part of the movie were the gorgeously choreographed fights. Even though the camera was too fast at points (IP MAN would have ruled here), you could still distinguish the moves they did on each other. Black Panther (or Cat-Man) was the best of the lot, followed by the Winter Soldier, and then Black Widow.


Black Panther – I loved the jump kicks and the slashes plus the actor who played him had something panther-like about him. Mysterious and dangerous at the same time.

The Winter Soldier is the key plot element of the entire movie. A man with a terrible past, conditioned as a Russian soldier to kill when activated (sleeper agent) and put to bad used by good men gone bad. It all ties in with the disastrous city problem from Age of Ultron where the Avengers killed A LOT of innocent people. He is hard and OMG he can punch. That arm of his has no equal  – except Iron Man and surprisingly, Spidey!


Spider-Man: [to Bucky] You have a metal arm? That is AWESOME, dude!

Finally about Spidey – he’s not someone you’ve seen before but he’s instantly like-able (like Ant-Man) and very happy to be part of the Avengers. I liked that they introduced him and after the credits (BTW, there are two after-movie credit scenes) they hint at another Spiderman movie being made.

Also, Marisa Tomei plays Auntie May in this movie and when people are wondering where the old Auntie May went, a quick reminder, Marisa is 51 dear folks. 51. I wish I looked this good.


Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!


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Written by theFerkel