How to be single pokes fun at hairy VGG

In the new comedy How to Be Single, Rebel Wilson’s proudly unattached character catches sight of her protégé (played by Dakota Johnson) naked beneath a towel in a sauna and laments, to comic effect, the state of her body hair. The offense? “LTRP,” or “long-term-relationship pubes,” a term which suggests that only women in committed partnerships—and, it follows, women not seeking to impress potential lovers—would be so slovenly as to forgo waxing. “You really need to get that taken care of,” Wilson admonishes. “It’s like Gandalf is staring right at me. No penis shall pass!


Though the exchange makes for amusing rom-com fodder, Wilson’s character—to whom, it turns out, Johnson’s recent-college-grad naïf can ultimately teach a thing or two—is actually out of step with the times. Samantha Jones of Sex and the Citymay have almost never skipped her monthly Brazilian appointment, but the natural look has been on the verge of a comeback since 2013, when Gwyneth Paltrow told Ellen DeGeneres that “I work a ’70s vibe.”


You have LTRP.

Oh, my God. I do?


Tom gave it to me. For sure. Wait. What’s LTRP?

Long-Term Relationship Pussy. You really need to get that taken care of.

What do you mean? I barely have any hair.

It’s like you dropped your hairbrush and your vagina caught it.

I could make dreadlocks with that bush and form a reggae band.

You should close your legs, there’s a reason I stopped watching Duck Dynasty.
Is that Tom Hanks from Cast Away? 

That looks like a whole bowl of petrified curly fries.

It’s like Gandalf is staring right at me.

“No penis shall pass!”


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