The 5th Wave or How Young Adult Apocalyptic scenarios pay off

Last night I let my friend pick the movie we were about to watch as my initial choice of “Ride Along 2” was taken out of the equation as “Ride Along 1” was not seen yet by the other party :). She picked “The 5th Wave” – I haven’t even heard of it so far and only when I saw the poster while walking into the cinema showing room I realized I was in for a treat.


Wow, it’s Chloe Grace Moretz! Freaking hell! I like her! And look at all the destruction in the background! Yey! 2012 is back with a female lead! Independence Day! America! Hell Yeah! 🙂


Yes, I went in all excited, like a kid before opening up the Christmas Present. The movie started with a bit of narration, Cassie Sullivan, the main character showing off her family, friends and her last day of normality before everything changed.

I was literally shaking with excitement to see what type of aliens they would bring in, what type of destruction they would unleash upon the earth and I was slightly taken aback when I saw the Alien Mothership.


Wait, is THAT it? That’s tiny! Air force one can take it down in a move! And it takes 10 whole days until it makes its attack on humankind. Are you serious? Americans are known to be trigger happy! Shoot and ask questions later. Are you telling me they left this unknown ship float in American Airspace without taking it down for 10 whole days?!

ef0c22e06bbe4b154da8bdbc40a8fc4dAnd they are slow to take their attacks. They release an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that destroys all electronic equipment and all of humankind is now back in the middle ages… Sorry to tell you but there are still things out there that don’t rely on electricity to work and the military is known to have anti EMP devices. (PS: Learn here how to defend yourself against an EMP attack).

So this was Wave 1. Destroy Electronic Communications and anything electrical.

3bf53617ae24afbc2c2c0374d6c4badbWave 2 comes as an earthquake followed by flood. I must say that the CGI was OK and “Surf’s up” has done this way better. But it was cool to see tsunamis again in movies and people running for their lives.  (I’m not a psychopath btw, I’m just trying to figure out whether I would have done the same in a similar situation).

As Cassie’s dad says: The aliens are trying to keep the planet safe while getting rid of as many people as possible. What’s better than a natural disaster to take millions of lives?


85ffaf975f2e52068ef8a71114ca5a22Well, plague is. The third wave comes as a strand of bird flu, infecting loads of people and killing them off. Cassie’s mom dies as she was working as a doctor/nurse and had contact with people infected with the virus.

What really annoyed me at this part of the movie was the fact that Cassie went into a quarantine camp and nobody stopped her. I understand that they wanted to show us that her mother was infected ’cause she had bloodshot eyes but seriously, how dumb can you be to go to a place where they clearly have body bags outside the compound and you have sick people around you. It’s like exposing yourself willingly to TBC or Swine Flu or Birdy Flu.

Ok, so her mother dies, they all cry a little and then the dad and the kids pack their belongings and go forth to a camp they heard about. Hold on. They leave the safety of the house to go and join other survivors? Really? I would have holed up in there, got guns and ammo and fought my way through. Scavenge and survive. But they decide to join a larger group and I suppose there is safety in numbers. But even there, I bet the dad knew they would not be safe as she hands Cassie a gun and shows her where the safety is.

The army rolls in to take the survivors to safety but splits the children from the parents and then gathers the parents into a barn to tell them that the Fourth wave had begun and aliens were now disguising themselves as humans.

c208714ed6be109b8c36155b6c52deb4Cassie gets separated from her brother as she runs back to give the f*king whiny kid his f*king teddybear (you have to have  a kid like this in every movie – see the f*king asthma kids from “World War Z” and that f*king stupid one from “The day the earth stood still”. Not to forget the f*king girl who would not jump from “No escape”)

So as she is looking for her dad, she manages to see a massacre – the army vs the adults that remained, the adults are all butchered as mistrust and panic make people start shooting.

OK, here is the first point where I thought something was wrong with the Army. There were loads of body left behind – humans, potential aliens and soldiers. The Army has clear rules about body disposal and even under times like this they would not just leave them there to rot. I’m surprised Cassie didn’t pick up on that. She is getting her wits back as she takes a gun from the floor and embarks on a journey to find her brother.

OK, the story line so far was good and what follows is the second part of the movie showing both the life of her brother in a boot camp where they prepared children for the upcoming war with the Aliens and in parallel, Cassie’s journey through the woods, her injury when a sniper hit her and her recovery in the arms of very handsome Alex Roe.


Wow! Talk about hunks! OK, I must admit I was cheering for them to get together as they make such a lovely couple and they did! And the sex scene, while implied, must have been something close to the Titanic one (both happened in an abandoned car).

In the mean time, the kids at the military camp are sent into a mission to kill aliens who occupy humans and it should have appeared as a red flag when none of their adult companions (the sergeant and the commander) did not come with them. What type of military commander leaves kids alone on the battlefield? * cough * Just remembered Ender’s Game.

The kids smarten up when they realized that the visors they were given to identify aliens, also showed one of them as being infected. And they weren’t. Lying visors, untrustworthy adults, Young Adult Movie 101!

Now the movie gets bad-ass as the two parties meet as they try to save Cassie’s brother. I think it was quite predictable and I’m not gonna spoil it too much when I say that blue eyes turned out to be an alien (sleeper agent) who falls in love with his target and learns that humans are cool. The fact that he managed to fall in love with a beauty like Chloe helps too. I keep thinking whether the movie would have been different if Cassie looked like me lol.


chloe-moretz-fights-to-save-her-brother-from-aliens-in-the-5th-waveLoads of action at the end, explosions, this guy winning back his love by doing a grand gesture, she saves her brother and her highschool crush which is no longer a crush, they set up a small band of survivors and then the movie ends.

It freaking ends. Loose ends everywhere! Will she get back together with blue eyes? Will she fall in love with her high-school crush again and have a mini Peta thing going on (like the Hunger Games), will her brother turn out to be a psycho and kill all of them in their sleep? What’s going on with the other children kidnapped by the military?  I bet there’s a second movie coming!

Go and see it! It’s good 😀


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Written by theFerkel