Ip Man 3 vs Creed

Last night I went on a Cinema Binge. Saw Ip Man 3 and Creed, both stories about warriors, involving loads of fighting, loads of fists thrown and loads of moves that made me go wow.
As I saw them back to back, I must say I deem Ip Man as the absolute winner. By a long shot. The movie was a masterpiece, wonderfully written, full of emotion and love. Of all things, love.
Don’t get me wrong, I did not say that Creed was bad, I just say that if you compare the two main leads of the story, the better warrior was Ip Man.

Ip Man3

Why I loved Ip Man 3. I saw the other two by mistake and I loved them on first sight. The story of Bruce Lee’s master is a story to be told on its own.

The story itself is quite well written – the school where Ip Man’s son goes to is under attack by a gang who want to buy it from the principal. They set up guards but the attacks continue and get gradually worse as the bad guys start burning things and then kidnap some of the children to coerce the principal into giving up. Ip Man stands up and takes a stance and gets put into danger as the bad guys now target him instead.
They kidnap his boy along with some others and he fights like a pro against a mass of fighters. His skills are exquisite!
The part that got me excited, besides the massively awesome moves, was a fight in an elevator where Ip Man protected his wife with every attack on the opponent and also him fighting Mike Tyson.
Damn! He’s built like a brick shithouse! He’s tough and you can still see that he trains regularly as his boxing punches are precise and fast. Who would win between a strong boxer and a skilled kung -fu fighter?
Not gonna spoil it! 🙂

The last thing I’m gonna reveal about Ip Man is that it made me cry. Again! Damn bonsai tree stuck in my eye! The best part of the movie is the love between Ip Man and his wife. If you watched this movie, you will agree this is what marriage should be like. And if you haven’t seen it, I thoroughly recommend you watch it on Valentine’s day.


Highly acclaimed due to the presence of aging Silvester Stallone and a new attempt at a reboot of the Rocky series (Creed 2 is in the making), I must say it was a great story. Not as good as Rocky as the rise of the underdog from rags to riches started from a different point – a boy, the same blood of Apollo Creed, trains to fight the heavyweight champions.

What I didn’t like: Apollo’s son was named Adonis. (Apollo god of the sun and light in the Greek mythology, Adonis, symbol of male beauty.

Name is suited but still…
What I liked: there is a very pretty romantic interest in the story and she is quite skilled with her electronic music.


Warner Bros. Pictures Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson in Creed

What I liked part 2: Do you remember Million Dollar Baby? How about Southpaw? How about Warrior? All of them are stories of people who want to make it and will make it due to their sheer determination to succeed.
Creed has the ability to be a great story: a son who wants to step out of his dad’s shadow, to walk in his steps, to be the best in a world where he does not quite fit in. He is rich, his family is reach, he has no reason to fight.
Throughout the entire movie, his motivation is questioned. Why are you fighting for?
Good, great, nice acting. Downside: I didn’t want to see Rocky age. He will always be young in my mind, climbing up the steps with Eye of a Tiger playing in the background.
I understand that he passed the flame to the new generation to carry, but why did it have to kill my favourite hero? (Star Wars, nod to you too)

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