At the movie theatre * Joke

home_page_2011_mg_4666At the movie theater, an usher spotted a man lying sprawled across four seats.

“Excuse me, sir,” said the usher. “You’ll have to sit up. You can only take up one seat.”

The man didn’t budge.

“Sir, I mean it. You’ll have to sit up in one seat, or leave the theater.”

The man didn’t move.

The usher got the manager, who told the man, “You’ll have to sit up now sir. Otherwise I’ll have to call the police.”

The man didn’t move.

So the police came. They asked the man, “What’s your name, sir?”

The man whispered, “Bob.”

“Where are you from, Bob?” the police asked.

With a strained, wheezy voice, Bob said, “The balcony.”

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Written by theFerkel