Iubind in taina * Eminescu

It’s that time of the year again when I’m celebrating Romanian poetry from M. Eminescu. You have seen the sleepy birds and you have also seen childhood go away and not Haddaway but a new take on what is love. This year, a secret love comes about.

Iubind în taină… – Mihai Eminescu

Angel-Of-Love-angels-10152076-1024-768Iubind în taină am păstrat tăcere,
Găsind că astfel o să-ţi placă ţie,
Căci în priviri citeam o vecinicie
De-ucigătoare visuri de plăcere.

Dar nu mai pot. A dorului tărie
Cuvinte dă duioaselor mistere;
Vreau să mă-nec de dulcea-nvăpăiere
A celui suflet ce pe al meu ştie.

Nu vezi că gura-mi arsă e de sete
Şi-n ochii mei se vede-n friguri chinu-mi,
Copila mea cu lungi şi blonde plete?

Cu o suflare răcoreşti suspinu-mi,
C-un zâmbet faci gândirea să se-mbete.
Fă un sfârşit durerii – vin la sânu-mi.

Now, I’m not an authorized translator so I’ll do the best I can to go through it line by line and explain its beauty:

Secretly loving… – Mihai Eminescu

11e02d4eb281e4cb4096e1759d05840fSecretly loving I have kept the quiet,
thinking you would love it like this.
‘Cause in your eyes I could see forever
in softly killing pleasure dreams.

But I can’t do this any longer. The longing strength
gives voice to the darling mysteries;
I wish to drown in the sweet heat
of that other soul that knows mine.

Can’t you see my parched mouth,
and in my eyes my torment in my fever chills,
Oh you, my child with long blond hair?

With one breath you cool my sigh
Making my mind drunk with just one smile.
Put an end to the pain – come to my bosom.


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