What to do if someone stops talking to you…

It seems to happen to me more often than necessary. This one guy, whom I dearly cherish, gets cross with me. His anger grows as I get my happy ass in and out of a room, starting conversations and stepping on unseen toes.

He thinks his anger is justified. I don’t think the same. He stops talking to me.

Now, the wise thing to do is back off. Do not text him, do not engage him in any way.

I am NOT a smart person in that way. I believe if two people have an issue with each other, they should sit down and talk it out, find out the root of the issue and not let it sit in and fester into something ugly.


“El sueno de la razon produce monstrous.”

Goya - the sleep of reason produces monsters.

Goya – the sleep of reason produces monsters.

El sueno can be translated either as ‘the sleep’ or ‘the dream.’ This may mean that the absence of reason creates monsters, or dreaming of reason creates monsters.

I tried to talk reason to the man, make him see his childish behaviour is not appropriate for any type of relationship. That he cannot live among his human fellows with no concept of what is right and what is wrong and that respect is hardly earned and easily lost.

All my pleas fell on deaf ears.

Why do people stop talking to each other? Giving someone the cold shoulder has been a psychological manoeuvre since the old days, when parents would ignore a misbehaving child or an angered lady would not talk to the source of her chagrin for weeks.  When it comes to men, it’s a form of punishment.

“I am ignoring you, thus you do not exist”

It is never this easy and especially when two people are living together, it is hard to set the boundaries of thinking space.

To make it worse, he returned the birthday present I gave to him while I was out. I deftly gave it back to him. He returned it back saying that he doesn’t want it. That’s not bad, I thought, at least he’s talking.

Why? I looked at the bundle of items he was holding, chocolates, pillows and little tiny superman boxers I knew he’d love. Obviously he didn’t…

I am a calm person, I am breathing right now trying to calm down and stop the tears coming. Some people… heh, are they really worth the struggle? Why bother subjecting yourself to disdain and hateful glares. Everyone is worth more than they think and nobody else should try to put them down.

That being said, I shall go and find a lovely charity and donate all the gifts he refused. I think a little boy somewhere will be absolutely thrilled to get something as nice as Batman and Superman underwear under his tree.

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Written by theFerkel