The Mockingjay returns for a disappointing finale

It is finally done. The Hunger Games saga ends with the Mockingjay Part2 which I managed to grab a seat for last night. It was fully booked! Since its release early this week, cinemas have been heaving with people trying to grab a seat and watch the grand finale of “The Mockingjay: Killing president Snow”.

Unfortunately, with the exception of a few nice action scenes (I counted 2), it was a dragged out, slow-paced, very boring movie! 2h of silences, no dialogue and people walking. Even the ending of the Twilight saga was better! (And that is saying a lot)


We watch Katniss looking lifeless, moving from scene to scene with no real determination or emotion and struggling to pick her lover between the brain-dead veggie Peeta and the hunk (I forgot his name). He’s seriously hot.


My ovaries are twitching just by looking at him. And besides a small fuck-up at the end where he admits he made the bombs that killed hundred of children, he was perfect for her. And even that confession seemed planted so she could end up with a clear choice of Peeta.

About Peeta now. He’s obviously received conditioning training and there is very little one can do to reverse that. He hates Katniss and anything related to her so when the president of the rebels sent him to be on Katniss’s squad I was like “Why the hell would you do that?”. Until it got explained that sending a liability like Peeta would ensure that Katniss could accidentally die on the field and thus removing a very important pawn from the struggle for power.

I have to give the movie credit for depicting quite well a coup d’etat and the outcome of a civil war. I felt something at least when the kids died… as for the rest of the movie, I felt nothing. I could not sympathize with any of the characters and the only moments when I felt a spark of excitement was when Brianne of Tarth (from Game of Thrones) appeared on screen for a few moments as the leader of the resistance in a district (either 2 or 13)

The only realism to the rebellion is its longevity – and its slowness. It makes sense that it takes a considerable amount of time to overthrow a corrupt regime, itself a system that has become dictatorial and oppressive over the course of decades. What doesn’t make sense is the speed in which the history of “The Hunger Games” tends to repeat itself – and the actions of its inhabitants as they switch allegiances or change behaviors to match a contrived plot twist. Peeta’s brainwashing in the previous film spills over onto other characters as if they were also influenced by insect toxin torture.


They have introduced a few new characters in Katniss’s squad – only to see them die shortly in booby traps and killed by Peeta. I had no idea why she did not kill him or let him die a graceful death fighting rather than keep this obvious psychotic killer in her team.

There’s tons of things happening around the districts, specialty in the capitol of course, and instead of actually show that, the battles, the tortures, the consequences of war, we only get to see Katniss underground sitting, talking, sitting, talking, resting, talking, thinking, talking… they speak on and on about the war plans but we don’t get to see nothing of that, and even when there’s an action scene here or there (theres like 3 in the entire film) the camera never gets away from katniss face for we actually see what is happening

For the most part of the movie I was expecting a reveal that he had been geo-tagged to reveal their location to the main headquarters but I was wrong. Katniss stays with Peeta and they get married and they have a happy little family. What a “GREAT” ending for the feminist role-model for all young teenage girls around the world. Abandon all thoughts of revolutionary thinking, do not participate in the ruling of a new country. Go to the country side and have a baby.


At least it wasn’t anything like that aberration of a CGI baby from Twilight!

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Written by theFerkel