Southpaw – the dialogue that moved me

I was weary about watching Southpaw and I postponed it until I could no more. Since Nightcrawler, I was afraid of despising this character too, of disliking him, of finding him repulsive as a cockroach on the kitchen table. Instead, I loved the portrayal of a dad trying to do better, knowing he fucked up and trying to make up to his daughter for it.


There is a bit of dialogue between the hero and the coach happening in a bar and it moved me. It really did. That’s some solid advice going on here.

  • I never really had any plans, all right? My wife always made the plans for me.And my daughter

  • Right. –

  • …doesn’t even want to see me right now. And I feel like I broke her heart. Little kid, man, she’s a little girl.

  • She’s trying to take care of herself. She lost her mother, too. Even if she hates you, you got to let her hate you, so she can feel better about it, she can  get better. This ain’t about how you feel.  I mean, you got to let her go through her thing and not think that thing is your thing. Then you can deal with life, like that stuff. Life… boxing, whatever you want.

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Written by theFerkel