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And who knew that showing off the soles of your feet in Thailand is considered rude?

You can’t address Thai culture without talking about feet. Your understanding of the way Buddhism and tradition influences Thai thinking is critical to avoid certain faux pas. The degree to which Thai people are influenced by these social norms is varied, but it’s best to assume you should follow the advice on this page at all times.

The head is considered to be spiritually above everything else. It is considered very rude to touch someone on the head, where it is believed the soul resides. If you go to a Thai barber of hair dresser, the person touching your head will probably apologise in advance.

Conversely, the feet are considered dirty, profane. You absolutely must not point your feet at images of the Buddha, step over such images, use your feet to point at, or nudge people. If you accidentally touch someone with your feet, don’t panic, just apologise with sincerity.

You can have a read at the full article here:
How to avoid common faux pas in Thailand
(it also shows you how to wai).


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