The creepiest stalkers on Tinder and WhatsApp

Some people should not be allowed out of an insane asylum and I am VERY happy that the Block/Report buttons have been added to the two communications apps as some people out there need a check-up. Here’s a top 10 of most disturbing, most sickly and definitely most creepy private messages that people have decided to share with the world.

Position 10 – Do you like oranges?


Position 9 – The new housemate



Position 8 – Hey, how are you is soooo obsolete



Position 7 – Show us your boobs or you’re a slut

Position 6 – Classic Tinder



Position 5 – The abstinent


Position 4 – Never disclose your gender


Position 3 – The blue waffle


Position 2 – The good boy

I think this conversation happened between a 13year old and a 30-something woman

Position 1 – The Ultimate Stalker

Reading this was like reading “You” again.

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