Top 5 YouTube Music Videos in a Bathroom

Stars taking a bath? What can be sexier than that?
Here’s our countdown to top 1.

Position 5: Rihanna – Stay

Postion 4: Britney Spears – Everytime

Do you remember the meltdown Britney went through with all the paparazzi following her? This video came out as she was feeling a bit slashy to say the least.

Position 3: Mariah Carey – Shake it Off

6 years ago, before Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, there was gorgeous Mimi in a bathtub:

Position 2: George Michael – Freedom

Cindy Crawford touching herself in a tub and lip syncing on George Michael’s Freedom 90 song.


Honorable mentions: Pink – Stupid Girls

Not as sexy as the other people in the top here and she’s not actually submerged in the tub. But the slapstick comedy makes it to top 2.

Position 1: Shakira: Addicted to you


Hot and steamy, she makes the top 1 on our list. Way to go! Vamos a la banha!

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Written by theFerkel