Princess Leia – Golden Bikini Cosplay

Since the new Star Wars is coming out soon, I decided to re-watch the old classics and then the new ones. As I was watching the Episode IV and hearing the most famous quotes like:

These are not the droids you’re looking for


Arrrr aaaarrrh (Chewie)

I started looking at Princess Leia a lot. Was she beautiful? Yes. Would she be beautiful by today’s standards? Nope. But she does have a lot of fans out there, especially young girls who, like me, liked her more in her slave costume. The thing about Princess Leia’s gold metal bikini is that everyone, Star Wars fan or not, knows what it is. It has become a pop culture mainstay. The leather-metal-cloth-chain ensemble has appeared at the Smithsonian and on sitcoms. It has been on action figures, limited-edition dolls for girls, and is available as a popular Halloween costume (88% polyester and 12% spandex) selling for around 50 bucks.
“When we first saw Leia in that outfit, it was pretty shocking. It was supposed to be. At the very beginning of Jedi, Leia frees the frozen Han, but is caught. Jabba throws Han in a cell and condemns Leia to hang out in his dingy palace that looks like the basement of a frat house. The costume is demeaning because it’s supposed to be. It’s Jabba. What else should we expect from a gross crime lord who doesn’t wear clothes?”

The girls loved the outfit so much, they put it into cosplay and made a show out of it!
Princess Leia meeting - Leia_010

Gallery next…

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