The ice queen has melted!

Got great news! After being single for what seems to be an eternity and refusing to lower my standards, I have finally met someone!
It is tough, it is very tough to get to like someone. I have tried sites like e-Harmony (but refused to pay for the expensive service) and after literally going on blind dates (they don’t show you the profile pics if you are not paying), I decided to give it a miss. The dates I picked on personality were totally lacking in the physical department! And while I tried to fool myself into thinking that personality means more than looks, I could not imagine sharing a bed with any of the men I met.

So, I was kind enough to tell them face to face it’s not gonna work.. Some of them didn’t take it well, probably because their mothers told them they were God’s gift on Earth and no woman would be able to refuse them once they knew them.

I tried a different approach then – – which allows you to quickly decide whether you like a guy or not in the first few pics you see – and timber – the WP version of tinder and without the sex addicts.

I got to see a lot of pretty guys, good biceps, good smiles, quite entertaining conversations. I also noticed a trend. If you don’t make any decisions during the first conversation (like let’s meet up, let’s go for a drink, let’s exchange phone numbers) – they become unresponsive in a few days. It’s like marketing – you need to immediately follow up a lead to get a sale.
Or how they say in Romanian:

“Beat the iron while it’s hot”

Some of the guys on this site put me off immediately after seeing their profile picture.
Like the following great specimens.

You might think I’m naughty and every person has their own flaws that make them unique. Or as an aunt told me: “You need to stop being so picky, you’ll learn to love the man AFTER you get married. When a woman gets to a certain age, her not being with a man, married, means it’s something wrong with her, that people don’t want her. Any man is good. You need to look over their flaws.”
Oh, Hell no!

I didn’t get to discouraged as for every bad apple I had, there were a dozen good ones. And one of them said yes when I asked him for a date (yes, I had to as he was too shy to try it out)

He turned out to be sweet, innocent and my dark, dark side came alive again. There is no woman as sexy as a horny Scorpio.

Dick pics everywhere. Just try it. Chat a little and they'll come flying!

Dick pics everywhere. Just try it. Chat a little and they’ll come flying!

We’ve been on a single date (one more coming this Friday) and I must say I am really, really, freakishly happy. I smile all day, I sing when I walk, we text like every few hours and I have even indulged in a sexy fantasy last night.
He is classy (he hasn’t sent me any dick pics) and has a great sense of humour. Blonde, hazel eyes, fit and with muscly biceps. 🙂
I will enjoy being in a relationship again. And I’ll take it slow.

Happy Wednesday!

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Written by theFerkel