5 Movies that made me cry

Here is a short list of 5 movies that made me cry.

1. Interstellar

The movie was awesome. I loved the acting, the black hole rendering, the scientific aspects of gravity-based time travel and the concept of a world that auto-destructs due to human-overuse.

interstellar-mcconaugheyI cried twice during this movie – once when Matthew McConaughey watches videos that his children have sent into space post his departure and after he returns from the wave planet to find out that time has moved on. It’s so sad to see your children all grown up and not to be there to experience their pains and happy moments, to see them transform and grow from one second to the other.
The second moment that broke my tears barrier was when he was reunited with his daughter and he was still young (well, in his forties) and she was an old lady who had lived her life. Parents should never outlive their parents…

2. Fast and the Furious 7

I don’t usually like franchise movies, I soley watch them for entertainment as they rarely deviate from the recipe that brought them success in the first place. Fast and the Furious 7 was the best movie of this year (so far) showing some new cars, amazing stunts and some pretty awesome acting from all actors. And throughout the movie I was awaiting the horrible moment when Paul Walker would be killed as he cannot play in the future movies… I cried when he said his goodbyes to his movie wife and expected to see him shot down in the cross fire.
What I didn’t expect *sniffle* was the heartbreaking goodbye the movie said to Paul Walker *full on crying now*…

They didn’t kill him *sniffle* … they gave him a happy happy ending *sob* … with his family.

“Shut up two seconds. Open your eyes.”
“Very beautiful. ”

“You have not said good-bye?”
“My Baby.”
“There was never any separation.”
“Think you can go without said goodbye?”

“Thank you for the invitation.”
“Want to drive?”
“No matter where you are … As far as any of you … Or in other parts of the world.
The most important thing you always live in my heart.
Here and now.
You will always be with me.
And so, my brother.


3. Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the fireflies)

What a wonderful movie. So sad though in so many ways… It’s a story about the last two months of the Second World War in Japan and how two kids (a boy and his little sister) learn to survive after their parents die. He is a good brother, trying to get food on the table when there was no spare food to be had, eating watermelon and potatoes he stole from fields. After his sister falls ill due to malnutrition, he works even harder to find food for her, but unfortunately, it is too late and she dies..
I cried and cried and thought about the fact that there are no winners in a war, only losers. And who suffer more than the people who cannot defend themselves? Children need protection and even though the brother did everything he could, it was not enough to save an innocent. (It is based on the 1967 semi-autobiographical novel Grave of the Fireflies by Akiyuki Nosaka)

4. Hunger Games – Mocking jay Part 1

I suppose some people might argue about why this movie is on the list. Well, it made me cry. I really wanted to keep my stern face and I couldn’t. When the “Hanging Tree” song is distributed across the districts, people revolt and attack the water reservoir. They get shot, the die as they have no defenses. They are rolling barrels of explosives and they are trying to use their all to change the world they live in.
And their all … is themselves. *sob*… As they have nothing else… The capitol took it all. I read the books and the movie – while showing the destruction coming from the Capitol, does not show the actual hunger that the people had to go through to keep the guys “up there” fed. The struggle to cook with water and maybe a few weeds, when squirrel soup is a treat and when goat’s milk, rather than being food on a table, becomes trading goods for soaps and seams and daily items.

5. Big Hero 6

This avengers re-make in animated format, features a big, lovable, adorable, squishy inflatable robot. That dies. It f..ing dies.
The scene was a live or die situation, Hiro was in danger and the robot, Baymax, saves him by sacrificing himself.

Are you satisfied with your care?


I think I see a pattern. Anything involving sacrifice to save another person / world – will get me to cry… I should go to Church more often, they have some great role-models in there that could definitely make me cry.

Happy Easter

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