50 Shades of Grey Drinking Game

Just finished reading the highly enjoyable 50 Shades of Grey and I have come up with a drinking game for the ladies who want to read it again or who are reading it right now.

hurricane-PNGAnastasia Brings up her inner goddess – 1 drink
Her inner goddess watches her over half-moon specs 1 drink
Anastasia says “Oh My” 2 drinks
Anastasia rolls her eyes 1 drink
The word Mercurial appears in the text 3 drinks
Anastasia bites her lips (get that girl a chap stick!) 1 drink
Christian looks pained 1 drink
Christian’s pre-adoption background is mentioned 1 drink
Anastasia and Christian talk about the play room but do not actually go into the playroom 2 drinks
Anastasia oogles Christian and wonders how beautiful he is 1 drink
Anastasia wants to see Christian in jeans 1 drink
Anastasia forgets to eat 1 drink and a sandwich
Jamie-Dornan-in-the-Focus-Features-new-film-Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-2014Christian says “Our money” or “Our wealth” 1 drink
Anastasia wears a dress somebody else bought 3 drinks
Anastasia wonders how wealthy Christian is 1 drink
Anastasia wants to be an independent woman and go to work 1 drink
Anastasia gets touched by somebody else other than Christian 1 drink
Anastasia says “My Fifty Shades” 1 drink
Christian flies to a destination 1 drink
Christian gets his chest touched 1 drink
Anastasia is jealous (Mrs. Lincoln, Gia, Shop assistants, secretaries, etc) 1 olive

Bonus round

Have a drink whenever Anastasia and Christian have sex. Oral counts.
If the sex involves a tampon, drink the entire bottle.


Movie Round

Get a drink every time this happens:
Christian and Ana have sex (you will have to wait 41 minutes and have 7 drinks in total).
See a sex scene that barely counts as a sex scene because it’s sad.
See a sex scene in the Red room (3 drinks there)
Anastasia get spanked (8 drinks here)
Anastasia gets whipped in the movie, give or take a flogging (10 drinks here)
Christian plays the piano pensively (2 drinks here)
Christian and Ana take a bath together and Christian washes Ana’s boobs. (1 drink here)
Christian says “Laters, baby.” (2 drinks here)
Christian has his perfect butt on display (4 times)



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