Sean Penn is making a return in The Gunman

Sean Penn is hot. I am grossed out just as I type this sentence as I am talking about a guy who can be my dad.


Starring in a boring, rehashed shoot em up bang bang special effects movie like “The Expendables”, Sean Penn is battling a local crime in Congo. Then he becomes a hitman and kills the minister of minining, then he runs and for 8 years he surfs and helps get water wells for the poor black people of Africa (I am not being insensitive or racist, but the movie portrays most of Africa, with the exception of ONGs as dirt poor and disease ridden.). He then finds out he’s been targeted and decides to track down his old buddies and find out who has a hit on him.

How many times are they going to take the same plot, add different names and characters and call it a new movie? The same plot has been done to death. No creativity here folks, move on to something else. The cast ties their best, but there isn’t much to work with here.

My main issue, besides the length of the movie, was how uncomfortably hot Sean Penn is… He got ripped… He has the bulging veins, biceps, triceps sculpted to perfection… and then the face that reminds you that you are looking at a 54 year old man (August 17, 1960).

See below:

He has some sex scenes in the movie and some cuddling ones as well, and I could not stop thinking that the woman, while not quite half his age, was not far off…It was like seeing crinkled paper touch smooth paper, like seeing a tortoise climbing on a rock… disgusting and not hot at all.

I know that other actors have decided to make a come-back in the golden years, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold not being the only ones wanting to cash out and go out in style.

Sylvester in Rambo

Sylvester in Rambo

Sylvester Stallone in his hay day years

Sylvester Stallone in his hay day years


Sylvester in Expendables

Sylvester in Expendables



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