I wish I had a romance like Patrick Swayze and his Wife

I still tear up when I think about his death. He was such a talented man!

During the 6th “World Music Awards” taking place in Monte Carlo in 1994, Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi, gave a great performance that would shame “Dirty Dancing”. They have such great chemistry and I looked at it and they did not miss a beat.
You can just feel the love between them – their marriage lasted a record 34 years and you can definitely see their attraction in the way they move and look at each other. See more photos here.

The song played is called “The Man That I Need” by Whitney Houston.

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  1. Wow! What a lovely trip to the past. Thanks for sharing. I agree, it was such a sad passing of him. There are few people you can just see that loves one another, like they obviously did.

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