Into the Woods? Oscar-worthy? Really?

I do not know where to begin! I thought that “Into the woods” would be a Brother’s Grimm stories mix (Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood) innovative and with a new twist, much like Maleficent.

Oh Boy! Was I wrong. It was a damn musical! I hate musicals! I barely sat through Les Miserables due to the formidable cast and the awesome songs. This movie had kinda the same song with different lyrics in different areas.

The story starts good, it looked promising as the stories seem to logically blend into each other, and then – by mid – movie, it all goes tits up.

No story, no plot, horrible HORRIBLE songs everywhere! I wanted to walk out.

Where is the millions of dollars in production values? drab, dark sets with deficiency of most color. I wouldn’t want to say that the movie has horrible special effects, more an absence of them.


A majority of the actors are miscast, it is literally impossible to care about any character.

All the characters feel shallow and you have a hard time finding a character to be interested in and honestly I was more interested in the damn cow for the majority of the movie than any of the main characters.

The philandering prince and baker’s wife are certainly people, I would want my kids too aspire to be. By the end of the movie, where you have dedicated over two hours of your time, you start imagining how, if all of the characters die, maybe the movie would make sense.

Emily Blunt does a great job as the comedic relief, Johnny Depp, in his very short and minimal role on screen reminds me of a child rapist/predator who was just released from prison and spent what little money he had on candy…

into_the_woods_johnny_depp_h_2014The movie got weirder and weirder towards the end and once the prince started making out with the bakers wife we pretty much threw in the towel on the movie as a whole.


Characters’ thoughts and actions are void of all logic. I may just be ignorant for never having read the play but I was utterly confused when the witch just decided she had enough of everyone and TURNED HERSELF INTO MUD. In addition, the story makes many really interesting connections between the characters but then simply fails to explore those connections, the biggest for me being that Rapunzel and the Baker are actually brother and sister. Instead of exploring this connection the two never even come into contact with one other nor do they actively pursue one another. What’s worse is that Rapunzel seems to play no significant role in the movie whatsoever which is apparent when she just disappears part way through the movie with her prince never to be seen or heard from again.


All in all, a horrible movie experience, incredibly boring, confusing, and at times, disturbing, and will leave you looking for any excuse you can think of to shuffle out of the theater in search of a movie actually worth watching.

And it’s nominated for a series of Oscars. Are the people in Hollywood blind? Or just dumb. Birdman, Foxcatcher and Into the Woods. I am speechless.

The good part about the movie was the poster photography. Reminded me a lot of Annie Leibovitz.



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