Worried about Marriage

Marriage can be a bit of a Russian Roulette.
You kinda know what you’re going to get but sometimes… life has a few surprises in store.

Starting a few days ago, my best friend and gay house mate has been asking really weird questions. Like:
“Your parents like me, no? Your mom even wants you married with me”, he said casually while stripping wallpaper (we are redecorating).
“No, she wanted me and you together but then I told her that you need to find your own boyfriend and marry him instead ’cause now it’s legal in the UK to marry the same sex person”, I responded peeling another sheet of wallpaper (so satisfying!)

Yesterday – I got post from his grandparents (sweet old people!) and he’s like:
“We should totally get married! You are so good with postcards and stuff! You can buy them and send them to all the people. You could be like my secretary.”
“Yeah, that’s totally a reason why people get married these days!”
“And I’ll give you a baby and you can run my post!”
“Nice trade-off!”
“And you can sign all the post with both our names and we can be one fake couple!”
“Oh… I did that with my ex and it didn’t turn out so great. I was all into signing this together and posting cards to even neighbors we don’t talk to… ” I got depressed thinking about the shit-head that thought it would be a good idea to lie to me about the side-girlfriend he had and the conversation ended there…

A few hours ago – we were talking Christmas presents
“No – let it go, that is my Christmas present to my parents! Put it down!”, I said.
“We need to empty this bag so that my present will fit.”, he said holding on to my backpack.
“No, I’ll get your present after Christmas, when I return.”
“NO. You’ll get my present and you’ll love it. I mean it’s not a diamond ring.”, he said looking a bit dreamy
“I diamond ring won’t go well with my diamond shoes, I want people to see the shoes.”, I said back.
“It’s coffee. I got you really expensive coffee. You like coffee. But it’s just enough for a cup. Not a cup of coffee, just a spoonful. Really expensive stuff.” he said and changed the subject onward.

Massages increase breast size

After daily massages, my boobs are a serious DD.

Should I be worried? We get along real well, but he’s terrified of the bottom part of the female body. (He got over the top part and he’s a massive boob massage fan. I mean, I will never have breast cancer with him here to search for it on a daily basis).
I like him and he likes me back. But he’s gay! I think he should wait until he finds his true love and be with him forever and ever.

As this great article puts it:

The connection between a gay man and a straight woman is one of the most exciting permutations of any relationship. It allows both parties to revel in the thrill of a close rapport with the opposite sex—without the pitfalls that often (OK, always) accompany dating. But though the dynamic is rewarding, it’s rarely simple. Because friendships between gay men and straight women do not adhere to the strict guidelines governing physical and emotional intimacy, it’s easy for them to impede the development of healthy romantic relationships.

Is your gay BFF ruining your chance at a healthy relationship?

I want to get married to a guy who will love me and all me foibles but what if this man will turn out to be my best friend?

Maybe I’m reading too much into such small discussions. Over-analyzing again. What do you think?

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