Fury – Or the story of the World War 2 battle of a tank company


The award for the “Most likely movie to bore you to sleep” goes to Brad Pitt’s masterpiece “Fury”. It was long!… I went to see it at the cinema and I snored after the first half hour.
I blamed it on my long day, the 9 PM viewing I chose for the movie, the cushioned seats and many other factors. I thought to myself – Why would I fall asleep during a movie that involves so many explosions, gun fire, awesome shots of tanks (btw, I LOVE TANKS 🙂 ) and the awesome Brad Pitt.

So, armed with a mug of coffee, I sat down to watch it again at home yesterday. Half way through, my eyes were closing. I was yawning. I was fidgeting..
OK – it’s the movie.

The action unfolds very slowly, there are shots that could have been shortened – I mean – nobody wants to see a tank moving through the fields. Or long, pointless talks between team members. Or people looking thoughtful in different scenes.
I hated the scene where the new recruit had to shoot a German soldier captured. I mean, he had no weapons, he wasn’t posing a threat, he had family for God’s sake. You don’t shoot a war prisoner – because that’s what he was.
I know things might have been a lot more personal for the soldiers back then, many of them having lost loved ones to German soldiers – but still, a man’s blame is not a nation’s.

Good bits about Fury


Brad Pitt’s acting is awesome. He delivers well and his spoken German was a lot better than the language butchery I saw in “Inglorious Bastards”. I mean my nana spoke better German than him in that movie (and she only speaks Romanian).

Fury Tank in the Hayfield Battle in Columbia Pictures' FURY.

The tanks looked amazing! The scenes where the tanks were shot look well thought, awe-inspiring and mind bending to think that those beasts destroyed other metal beasts so easily.
The German tanks were super cool. So sleek, so fast, so powerful (German made duh!)

Bad bits

In the shooting scenes, I could have sworn I was watching Star Wars – with the way the bullets looked.

The creepy rape vibe I got when they went into that German lady’s house. I’m not talking about the consensual sex between the young recruit and the blond chick. I’m talking about when the rest of the unruly crew came in… It was implied that if their commander wasn’t there, those two women would have been crying behind closed doors. I would like to think that the soldiers on the front would have gone with women of the trade – the movie shows no lack of these on the streets.

The very bad bits

Do you think German people saw Fury? If yes, I wonder how they felt about it. This is all stuff that happened over 50 years ago. Would it have pained them to see their women despoiled, their cities destroyed and the Americans marching through mud and grass to fight a war that wasn’t theirs to begin with?
I grew up thinking in my small little mind that the Japanese had it coming with the Hiroshima bombs. That it was their fault they got attacked during the World War.
The civilian deaths were just numbers.
And then I saw “Grave of the Fireflies” and I cried and howled and swore to myself never to trust war propaganda ever again. To think that there are always two sides to any story and while the victor stands to tell the story, it does not mean that it was always as glorious as they depict it to be.


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About Grave of the Fireflies…. I posted about this countless of times on my blog, urging readers to watch it. ( I have a dvd copy too )

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