Cluj-Napoca on Christmas 2014

Even though it has not snowed this year, the city still looks so lovely!

I have managed to meet all my friends and lovers and spent some quality time with my friends.
Below you can see a few shots of the foods we love to eat at our gatherings:

Yummy meat

This is a chunk of meat that boils together with the cabbage and the “sarmale”. It is so tender that if you decide to eat it with your hands, the meat sticks to your hands 🙂 It is pork though so who does not like it should not touch it.

Romanian Christmas Appetiser.

A “small” aperitiv (apetiser/ aperitif in French). The selections of meat and cheeses prepare the stomach for the main course. We have blocks of cheese, schitzel, salami, meatballs, peppers with melted cheese cream and olives, sausages, chichen chest roulade with sausages, pork scrappings. All very very yummy. These are eaten with olives, horse raddish and spicy chilly peppers.



“Sarmale” – yummy meat and rice morcels, kept together by soured boiled cabbage. Like spring rolls but not deep fried but boiled. And with very little onion. That in the picture is my mom’s portion. She really loves them!


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Written by theFerkel