Guardians of the Galaxy or the story of the one-liner tree and the Rocket

I have recently seen the wonderful Guardians of The Galaxy and it was a shock to me as I have never read the comics and not seen any movies like it.

The movie is a wonderful line-up of super-heroes and it has been wonderfully summarized in this YouTube video.

If you have seen the movie, you know there is a fake “Hodor” in it that is called “Groot” and the only thing he can say is “I am Groot!”. Vin Diesel was great in delivering this line in such a variety of tones as to give the character an inquisitive demeanor, an aggressive one or even a loving one.

Groot is a Flora Colossus from Planet X, the capital of the branch worlds. The Flora Colossi are tree-like beings whose language is almost impossible to understand due to the stiffness of their larynxes, causing their speech to sound like they are repeating the phrase “I am Groot” .

I am Groot!

What I loved about this character was his ability to create fairy lights. I have never seen a tree – even a fictional one – be able to do this. The trees from Lord of the Rings are slow to talk and slow to walk, ancient beings of old – and the best they could do was throw stones. But this ability of Groot is just magic:


The second character I have found most appealing was Rocket, a bounty hunter who just happens to look like a raccoon.

Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy

However, in a promotional interview with, Perlman revealed that early drafts of the Guardians screenplay didn’t involve Rocket at all. In fact there was some debate about whether to include the character at all.

“There was some question about whether Rocket should be a member of the Guardians,” she explained. “We had some back and forth about it because there was a little bit of a fear that he would come across as cartoonish because he’s a raccoon, so the first few drafts didn’t have Rocket.

It’s really good that they decided to leave Rocket in. He’s such an angry little guy but his heart is in the right place. It’s because of him that the lovely planet does not get destroyed and his ability to think and plan quickly has helped the team escape a prison and then plan a hit on a Goliath of a ship.

Friendship is magic, but you know what’s even more magical? Inter-species friendship. More specifically, the friendship between a rodent and his giant sentient tree friend.

I cried when Groot gave his life to save his friends from the burning ship and I felt devastated for the little furry guy as I knew he was his best friend in the whole wide world.
This is when I saw him potting a branch of Groot I thought he went a bit nutty as there is no way a tree would grow from just a burn-out branch.
But Groot is true to his name and took root in the tiny pot.

I was smiling again at the end and this is all due to the little baby Groot dancing in his placed pot and then freezing whenever he is looked at.

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Written by theFerkel