Penny Dreadful

After the failure of “American Horror Story: Coven“, I found myself looking for a good show to watch. I have seen (and loved) “Dexter”, seen “Six-Feet Under”, “Supernatural” and the wonderful “CarnivalĂ©”. As you can imagine from the list above, I love a horror story, a death story, a supernatural story. This is why I keep on trying to find something similar…

I tried watching “The Originals” but that was a flop from the pilot episode. Star-Crossed was too teen-age and other shows were too commercial to try…

I found Penny Dreadful by mistake – I thought I was seeing a re-run of the classic TV movie – The Penny Dreadful picture show, but I was wrong!


What I had instead was way better! I have only seen two episodes so far but the story line is good enough to keep you entertained and the number of monsters revealed per every 10 minutes is amazing! So far we have vampires, Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, Jack the Ripper, Dorian Gray and if I did not know any better, I would think I was watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Series format.

I love Eva Green. She is calm and collected and her appearance is like a breadth of fresh air into the show. She is such a great actress!


Her performance in the second episode of the series left me breathless!

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Written by theFerkel