As you all know, I’m very much a cake person. I love cake! I am trying desperately not to eat cake but sometimes I catch myself looking at pictures of cakes and imagining their texture in my mouth, the soft feel of cheese and the caramel!!
Oh, the sweet temptation!

Because most people will go: “What’s so special about cakes?” – I shall show you some good pictures of cakes I like.

You have to admit at least one of these caught your eye. You looked at it and you said “Yum!”. Not outloud, you would not want people to think that you are thinking about eating your monitor or other parts of your keyboard. But with that inner voice that belongs to both you – the adult – and to the child you once were.

Feed your inner child! Go and have a cake!

But not more than one…

What happens when you eat too much cake

What happens when you eat too much cake

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Written by theFerkel