The Edge of Tomorrow … and alternative titles

I made a really good move by going to the movies last night. I saw the amazing and extraordinary The Edge of Tomorrow with super hot Tom Cruise and super awesome (and hot) Emily Blunt.

I thought it would be a movie about a guy getting virtual training before embarking on a war with aliens and the only way to exit the simulation was to get shot.

The plot is WAY BETTER! The story is about a cowardly major who was into PR for a long time and never actually went into the war being dispatched from Washington to fight from England into a new fresh wave of attacks that were to take place on the Northern beaches of France. He gets sent into battle as a soldier (de-ranked) with a series of misfits and an exo-skeleton that he cannot operate. He is confused, he is bad at it and tries on one occasion to go in the opposite direction of the battle.
The aliens were waiting for them and they are decimating the humans by the second. They are fast, they are morphing each minute, they rotate their tentacles and they can expand and contract them as needed.
By luck, the downgraded major manages to survive but he gets attacked by an “alpha” – which is like a higher ranked alien official and manages to kill it by detonating a bomb he was holding. He dies in the process but gets splattered with the alpha’s blood and that causes a reset in the alien intelligence’s core making him re-live the same day again.
The way they explain this is that the alien core has loads of small aliens but only a few alphas, 1 every 600.000 I think. Every time an alpha dies, the alien core resets the day so it can re-compute the best way to kill whoever killed the alpha. Because he got splattered with alien blood, the major now has the ability to reset time as well.
So he re-lives the same day over and over again, getting killed further and further along the way (sometimes even in the British base when his roll under a moving car is not timed properly).
He is drawn to the Full-Metal Bitch as they call her – a person who saved a major battle by single-handedly killing hundreds of aliens and she urges him to find her when he wakes up as she has had this power before as well.


She takes very easy convincing and she trains him so that he could do better in battle and push through enemy lines to find the alien core. She is really hot, full of muscles and fit as a fiddle. If they ever do a Wonder Woman movie, please cast her into it!

I’m not going to spoil it too much but I will tell you the alternative titles I have though for this movie:

1. Groundhog day Training Camp
2. 50 First Dates on the Battle Field
3. Full Metal Alchimist without Alchemy
4. 1 million ways to die in the Army
5. If tomorrow never comes
6. Matrix Origins (this is simply because the alphas look like the sentinels in Matrix Revolutions and the metal casing they have on looks very much like the metal casing they had on Zion)
7. Holding out for a Hero
8. Man with a Perfect Memory (PS: there is also a real woman that has it)

Now for pics:

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