Cloud Atlas Movie Pictures and Wallpapers

It has been over two years since the directors Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski, who made the Matrix trilogy, and Tom Tykwer, best known for chase film Run Lola Run, made the awesome movie Cloud Atlas.
Over 3 hours long and with a story line that spans through centuries, the movie presents the viewer with not only one movie, but six! All the characters are connected and the parts are played by mostly the same actors. My favorite was Jim Sturgess (God, he’s cute!) and Halle Berry. Their acting was impeccable and I loved the way they go through racial features with awesome makeup to be able to keep up with the story.
I cried when the two lovers could not be together, I laughed when the old people escaped the asylum, I sat on the verge of my seat when they were up, up in the air and attacked by air-cars.

Hugh Grant as a cannibalistic, face-painted warlord? Tom Hanks as a belligerent Celtic novelist? Jim Sturgess, the talented young star of One Day, as a Korean freedom fighter?
As those who have read the novel will know, Cloud Atlas tells six short stories, set over 500 years from 1849 to the distant future. Mitchell’s artistry means that each tale is an exercise in literary pastiche.
The movie approaches 6 movie genres: a shipboard costume drama with an earnest, libertarian message (think Spielberg’s Amistad); Thirties British costume drama (like any of the E. M. Forster novels brought to the screen); an Ealing comedy sensibility applied to a One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest scenario; Seventies conspiracy thriller (such as Chinatown); futuristic urban dystopia (Minority Report); and post-apocalyptic thriller (Logan’s Run).

I loved it and collected all these images from all over the internet to prove my love.
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Written by theFerkel