Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the story of the Gold-digger

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, Audrey Hepburn, 1961

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, Audrey Hepburn, 1961

Last night I got the honour to re-watch a very old movie. Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the lovely Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. I love the story but there is something that kept on bothering me and it was not until last night that I managed to pinpoint what it was.

For those of you who have not seen the movie, here’s what happens: a guy moves into a new apartment building financed by his married lover and meets his lovely downstairs neighbor, Holly Golightly, who is beautiful, talented and has loads of men chasing after her. They develop a nice friendship which turns into love as he falls for her cute looks and mysterious aura. She keeps chasing after rich men and as she jumps in a taxi that would take her to her new life in South America as the wife of a rich millionaire. He asks her to stay and marry him instead, an aspiring writer and she refuses. In the end, she changes her mind and goes back to him because her South American millionaire did not in fact commit to any marriage and she was just flying there in hopes that he would.

breakfast_at_TiffanysWell, moral of the story, if you are a good looking woman, you might end up marrying a millionaire. Even if your origins are less than humble. Holly was already married to a farmer in Texas called Doc Golightly since the tender age of 15. She ran off to the city to become someone and was molded into her charming self by her agent, who taught her how to speak properly, how to act and behave in public. So basically, she was a fraud.

She had a good sense in style but she was not rich as she let on and neither was she born to the high circles she frequented. She was almost broke and she made money by tapping it out of elder gentlemen for a trip to the powder room and made $100/week by transmitting coded messages to a gangster in prison.

What bugged me in the movie was the fact that Holly is a scumbag. She does not care about anyone but herself (she abandons her cat in the rain),OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA she acts to get what she wants (schmoozing here and there), article-2135538-12C820B9000005DC-945_634x515she is a gold-digger with high hopes (millionaires or more) and the only thing that she has to her advantage is her looks.


She uses that to be able to attract men like honey, but smart rich men will not marry her as she only has the pretense of class. JP Morgan said it wisely in his open letter to an add on Craiglist. Not-so-smart men will pop up with a marriage proposal immediately to try and keep the glitter in their grasp.


What they don’t realize is that she will not stay married as she does not love in a classic sense. She will use the man until something better pops along (see previous husband case).

All in all, it’s a good movie. They do end up together at the end, she does look like she has a bit of feeling left in her as she decides to look for her abandoned cat and accept his marriage offer (or maybe it’s just the sour disappointment of reality hitting her as she settles for less).

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