Best Bride Videos


Beyonce – Best Think I never Had

PS:It kicks off with Beyoncé singing, “What goes around comes back around,” before she proceeds to take a pop at a former lover after discovering his deceitful ways. After the trouble Jay Z had with Solange Knowles, I think I know about whom she was singing about…

Shakira – Empire

PS: In the video, there’s no groom, most likely because the singer‘s footballer partner, Gerard Pique, has banned her from making music visuals starring other men as romantic interests.

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together

PS: The wedding dress that Mariah wears in the video is the same one in which she got married to Tommy Mottola in 1993. Mottola and Carey divorced in 1998, but she held onto the wedding dress, and when the video’s director needed a dress, she volunteered the use of it. The hot guy is Wentworth Miller (Michael Scoffield from Prison Break)

Christina Aguilera – Save me from myself

PS: A music video for the song was shot after the birth of her son Max, and it shows Aguilera’s personal footage of her marriage, as well as her performing the song with Linda Perry playing the guitar.

Pink – I don’t believe you

The 30-year-old singer — who has a rocky on-again-off-again relationship with hubby Carey Hart — wears a wedding dress in the video, while showing off her rock-hard body.

Nicky Minaj – Moment for life

his song features Minaj’s labelmate Drake. Having previously expressed his feelings for the New York MC on his track “Miss Me,” the Toronto rapper continues to express in his lyrics a wish to tie the knot with her on this song. “F— it, me and Nicki getting married today,” Drake raps. “And all you bitches hating can catch the bouquet.”

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Written by theFerkel