The other woman – or How Cameron Diaz should not appear in a close-up

I went to see “The Other Woman” last night with my house mates and even though I was very excited to see a comedy starring Cameron Diaz (after that flop with the Bad Teacher), I got disappointed from the first few scenes, well… right after Cameron Diaz appears in a close-up shot.
The Other Woman (2014) (Screengrab) Cameron Diaz
Oh God, she has aged since Charlie’s Angels! And she has a predatory allure about her that makes me think “Man-eater alert!”. Which is good, if you think that she played this role to perfection.

The story has been done before – a woman dates the perfect man, just to find out later that he is married and not planning on divorcing soon. Well, up to here, it’s pretty standard. What I wasn’t expecting was a brilliant play from Leslie Mann, playing the part of the cheated wife.
She was awesome! Full of life, up-beat, cheerful, totally devastating when angry and with a set of on-screen emotions that got me immediately in a place rooting for her win.


Kate Upton also played the role of another woman in the long array of mistresses that the son of a bitch carried about like a belt and she played the sweet and innocent graduate with a firm body and tits to kill for – to perfection. She was so hot that the first thing I thought when I saw her was: “Those two hags do not have a chance!”

The movie is fun, predictable and a true good way to hang out on a Friday night.

Now back to the main subject – Cameron Diaz.
While she has a hot body, she clearly fades in a direct comparison with the wife and the other mistress. She appears sophisticated in the date scenes with the husband and her dress sense is amazing (good colours, professional looking attires, sexy one-pieces for a night in the city)

The problem comes when the camera pans in to grab her emotions…

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Written by theFerkel