La vie sexuelle de l’homme.

or in English, The Sexual life of a human.


From 10 to 15 he’s like a monkey – likes to peel his banana
From 16 to 20 he’s like a giraffe – likes to eat all the flowers
From 21 to 30 he’s like a bird of prey – eating anything he can catch
From 31 to 40 he’s like an eagle – catching anything that can be eaten
From 41 to 50 he’s like a parrot – he talks more than he eats
From 51 to 60 he’s like the wolf – he pursues Little Red Riding Hood but ends up eating Grandma
From 61 to 70 he’s like a cricket – he sings and sings and sing but does not eat
From 71 to 80 he’s like the vulture – he has pains here and pains there…
From 81 to death he’s like a pigeon – he only shits..

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