Mr Peabody and Sherman vs. Free Birds

These two animation movies released this year couldn’t be further from each other, though they share one thing in common: time travel.

Free Birds

free-birds-movieI saw Free Birds about a month back, and I lasted only through the first 5 minutes before being utterly bored. It is the story of a unique turkey (the one on the right side) who can’t quite fit in and knows that the man feeding them will eventually kill them for Thanksgiving. When the president of the United States is ready to pardon a turkey as tradition requires it, our fellow is chosen and he goes to live at a presidential retreat with full cable and pizza delivery… And he eats loads of pizza.

One evening, the major dude (from the left) comes to him and tells him he is the chosen one. While arguing that there is nothing special about him, they manage to sneak into a subterranean research facility, go past armed guards and travel through time (while knowing how to operate the machine) to the first few days before the initial Thanksgiving dinner. Why? To make the colonists pick another bird to cut in celebration…

There they find an evolved structural society of turkeys (with face paints) and I could count only one funny moment where the major and the leader faced off in a turkey puff-up.

Free-Birds-2013-Imagini-540x365They go on back to the future in the time pod (who seems to speak “turkey” perfectly and is even smart enough to make snide remarks) and then back to the past and then back to the future. At this point, I was more than disappointed with the movie, I was appalled. I knew it had a rotten tomatoes score of 1/5 stars and an imdb rating of 5 (6 is the minimum limit I am prepared to accept when watching a movie) but I thought I might enjoy it, being animation and all…. NOPE. It sucked!

Mr Peabody

Mr-Peabody-and-Sherman-Movie-Poster-4I saw this movie last night, in a cinema crowded with parents and children, so crowded that I ended up between two six year-olds that every time they made a joke, would kick their chair in appreciation.

I loved the movie. It is well written, it does not drag on, the story has an emotional side line visible from the start and you can’t feel but root for the dog who adopted a little boy and taught him everything he could from a young age. He built a time-machine and since Sherman’s infancy, he made sure only the most brilliant minds would know him.

Through adventure, he teaches his kid about major events that changed history and tells him why they happened. As a great master once said, “He who does not know history is forced to repeat it.”

I laughed so much at so many things that I do not know which one to start with. Maybe the French Revolution? Yes, that’s a good point. I found I had a lot of things in common with Marie Antoinette, especially when it comes to her favorite food.

"Caaaaaake" - Marie Antoinette

“Caaaaaake” – Marie Antoinette

The humor was crisp, well timed and the one that got me (I laugh about it even now as I’m typing this) was the Trojans’s captain (same voice as American Dad’s Joe the cop) – and his MANLY way of fighting. He would lift his arm so the armpit hair would be fully in his opponent’s face. When the vile odors would make him sway, he would beat them down.

I also loved the way that Mona Lisa’s secret smile came to be. Man, she was a grouchy lady!

About the plot line now:
The story tells of Mr. Peabody, a talking canine (voiced by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell), and his adopted “pet” son Sherman. An incident on Sherman’s first day of school leads to Peabody inviting Penny and her parents for dinner, hoping the kids will reconcile their differences and avoiding potential loss of custody over Sherman. In an attempt to impress Penny, however, Sherman accidentally reveals the WABAC – Peabody’s time travelling machine and ends up rewriting history that will have dire consequences in the future if not set right.
They travel back to Egypt, where Penny gets engages to young King Tut (that rhymes with Butt) thinking “she will get it all” when he dies, not knowing that the wife of the pharaoh would be buried with him on his death).

Sherman and Penny do Egypt

Sherman and Penny do Egypt

They go to the Renaissance, where they meet DaVinci and his Mona Lisa, fly over Florence in an amazing 3D view with Leo’s first contraption, nearly die in a black hole, see the Trojan Horse and when Mr. Peabody dies (no he doesn’t really), Sherman goes back to his own timeline to prevent it, causing two Shermans to be in the same space at the same time, creating a paradox.
When it goes bad, people from the past start falling from the sky and taking in what the future has to offer. Pop art for Leonardo, graffiti art for Mona, pizza for the Trojans, caaaakes for Marie, a taser gun for Mr. Robespierre.

I absolutely loved the movie. 10/10.

Best quote: [Trojan leader talks about the Greek people he knows and at one point says] “oh, an Oedipus man, you don’t want to be at his house over the summer – it’s awwkwaaard” [Nods from other trojans].
I laughed really hard (even though I was the only one in the room to do so). I don’t think they got the reference 🙂

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