Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Best Photographic Experience

In December, I got invited to an Unlimited Movie Preview of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.shark-attack-clip-from-the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty
I did not know what to expect and when I saw that the movie was PG rated, I was expecting a big let down. Anything too-family-friendly these days that is designed for adults, is either lacking in a proper subject, is a lame comedy or tries to approach “Safe” subjects.
Kristen-Wiig-and-Ben-Stiller-in-the-Secret-Life-of-Walter-MittyIt surprised me. The movie was about a day dreamer with a crush on one of his workmates, a lovely woman who is also single and looking (she’s on eHarmony too). He’s too shy to directly approach her, so he creates all these fantasies where he’s the super hero and she’s the damsel in distress, where he is cool and she is in awe of his coolness.

Nothing I haven’t done too since highschool… especially when I had a crush on someone. Every night before I went to bed, I would think of a different scenario where the world would burn up and only me and him would survive and we’d mate like rabbits to repopulate the earth. Nothing was spared, no conversation avoided.

Compared to the fantasy life, my life was dull to the max. And so is Walter’s.

Faced with the loss of his job over the loss of a precious negative image that was supposed to be the last cover of “Life” magazine, he embarks in a journey so fantastic, I was left with a strong desire to start my own…

He tries to find the photographer and because he was always on the move, Mitty is always one step behind him. He goes through all sorts of troubles – he falls into the water with some sharks, he is car-less in Iceland (so he goes off on a skateboard) , he nearly dies in a volcano eruption, he climbs the Himalayan Mountains, he appeases local war lords, he plays football with the locals and he gets arrested upon return. All of these while updating his online dating profile on eHarmony under the section “Been there, done that”.

His day dreams stop as life gets more interesting than fiction and his self esteem (and also tan level) increase with each adventure. He slowly transforms from a shy introvert into an experienced extrovert who is kinda cool.

There are a few moments that are visually breathtaking (the director (Ben Stiller) made you feel like you were there) and my favorite two are listed below:
– the skateboarding through Iceland scene
– Kirsten Wiig singing Major Tom

YouTube Videos

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Major Tom Song (Kristen Wiig)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Skateboarding Scene

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the movie was fantastic. i saw it in bangkok with the boyfriend. i loved the character of sean. 🙂

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