What should have been there since the beginning

You have reached a point in your life. You’re at an age and in our talk, age is an important factor. You are somewhere in the middle of social hierarchy, a bit upper, a bit middle, but this does not matter – unless it is essential for you. Maybe you have a family, maybe not. Maybe you have loads of friends, maybe only a few.

Two holding handsIn today’s story you are the center line and we won’t be discussing the masks you wear, just YOU. I mean, you will be talking to yourself, I’m just here to listen, without judging and without trying to comment. I may ask you questions here and there – and that is only to better understand what you are telling me. Other than that, I will be quiet and I will be watching you.

Would you like a coffee?

I will try my best to make you one you would like. I would like you to keep in your emotional memory today’s taste.

How much sugar? Do you take milk?

I think you are seated comfortably. You sit inside a massive armchair. Or maybe you are sitting on the floor, cross-legged. If you want, you can join me sitting on a windowsill.

I know you are at crossroads. I know that if I would ask you, you would dismiss this question with a quick gesture of your hands. I do not wish to hassle you with a hard question.

Are you happy?

I will go back with you in time and maybe we can build bridges together.

You’re smiling?

Yes, I like bridges too 🙂

Kiss over a coffeeLet’s get back to you. I can see you and I can tell by the way your eyes are squinting that you are wondering whether your life right now is as it should have been from the beginning.

Do you think you wasted pieces of yourself giving them to someone who never really needed you?

Do you think you have gotten lost, fooled by a smile, by a hug?

Do you believe that the foundation is fragile and your house – YOU – might collapse under a strong storm?

Do you still have dreams that you keep to yourself?

You know that if you dream, it’s OK, it means that you are alive, and in the end this is what matters.
Yes, I know that you have tears that you have never let flow free and you know that one day, I will collect those tears and I’ll turn them into smiles.

I can’t be the one to answer all these questions.

But I can take your hand and go with you on a walk tonight, maybe cross a few bridges.

You’re smiling again 🙂

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that you still have time.
As long as you have questions, as long as you are still searching within yourself and did not give up, you still have time.
So turn the hourglass upside down and give yourself some time… some moments worth telling me about.
Enjoy them even if you have to rip them from the normality of daily life.

And even if your life is not yet what it should have been since the beginning, it could be. You have thought of this, I know. This is why you are smiling.

Yes, my coffee was not the best you have ever had. But you know that next time I’ll try again and maybe, by only a sip, it will taste better.

Old couple in love

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Written by theFerkel