Don Jon and Amelie Poulain

Now I guess you are wondering what’s the connection between the two names at the title of this post. One – they are both movies, even though they have been released nearly 13 years apart.

Two – both movies are about the struggle to find love. Don Jon is a typical Italian male with a porn addiction who can’t find satisfaction in real-life sex, Amelie Poulain is a dreamer who finds pleasure in life by helping others (and again, has no sex life to speak of, being an introvert and all).

One is a man, the other a sensitive woman. Both movies are told from the inner voice of the main character and both of them left a lasting impression. Why? Because I can identify with both. Sometimes, you find greater pleasures in the inner dreams and wishes than you find in the real world. My ideal boyfriend as your ideal boyfriend and girlfriend might be, are nice people, able to satisfy our inner desires so completely that the hole inside is not pulling us to something else anymore.

Don Jon

DON-JON-PosterI loved Don Jon. Hey, the guy is honest. He likes his sport, his folks, his clubbing and yes, his porn. He picks up chicks easily and when it comes to having sex, he’s like a drilling machine, but never happy. Only porn makes him find final release.

He gets a girlfriend – the “princess” type – who demands everything of him but gives nothing in return. When she denied him purchasing a mop for his floors ’cause she would send her cleaning lady to his place… I was like @@ – Oh no you didn’t!

She dumps him and he finds himself attracted to an older woman and she “teaches” him how to make love. It’s attraction, it’s honest, it’s lovely!

Best quote:  Jon “Don Jon” Martello Jr.: Who’d you take home, huh?

Danny: Twos and threes baby. I’m telling you, twos and threes are some open-minded ladies.

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain


The movie is lovely. It’s the story of a girl brought up at home by cold parents who found escape in a dream world. When she finds a box of a boy who lived in her apartment 40 years ago, she decides to track him down and return it to him. Based on his reaction, she would continue to do good, otherwise she would stop.

She touches the lives of everybody she meets and even though she’s an introvert by nature, this type of deeds make her communicate more with the outside. She even plays cupid for one of her co-workers.

Best Quote: Sans toi, les émotions d’aujourd’hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d’autrefois. Without you, today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s.

“She was never able to enter into relationships with others .”
“As a kid, she was always on her own.”
*-On the evening of a bright day in July, while holiday-makers enjoy themselves on the beach in the carefreeness of the sunny days and while in Paris, the strollers, overcome by the heat gaze at the trails of smoke of the fireworks, Amélie Poulain, also known as “the godmother of the rejected”, or “the madonna of the cast-offs” succumbs to exhaustion. In the streets of Paris, struck with grief, millions of mourning anonyms gather for the funeral cortège to show in silence their great sorrow of being forever orphans. What a strange fate, that of this young woman deprived of herself, yet so sensitive to the charm of the little things in life.
Like Don Quichotte, she was determined to grapple the unforgiving grinder of all the human sorrows.
An impossible fight that consumed her life prematurely. At Amélie Poulain let her life deteriorate in the swirls of universal pain. And there she was struck by the regret of having let her father die, without ever being able to give back to this suffocated man the breath of air she’d been able to give to so many others.

“Amelie” is a triumph of an imagination that occasionally doesn’t know when to stop wandering.

The connection

You kinda got the hint by now that one is a guy movie and the other is a girly-girl movie. Not a lot in common except for the two points I had before. And one more.
When Don Jon is in the car with the soon to be ex-girlfriend, a song plays on the radio. It’s a song by Carla Bruni (who was the former French First Lady) called Quelqu’un m’a dit (Somebody told me).


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