Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Man

One reason - does not like to use condoms

One reason – does not like to use condoms

There are certain qualities found in some guys that can reveal a lot about their character. Fortunately, these particular qualities or habits prove helpful to a woman when she is debating whether to go out with him or stay home to wash and condition her hair.

1. He has a habit of lying. Whether a guy is a bold liar or just hedges the truth, it’s hard for a woman to build a relationship when she’s mentally questioning everything he says. A dating relationship is supposed to be fun and exciting, but with this guy it will be plagued with doubtful thoughts and suspicion.

2. He regularly borrows money from the woman he’s dating. This is a sign that he has trouble handling his finances. Traditionally, a guy who’s serious about establishing a relationship with a woman offers to pay for the date. For a woman, nothing drains the romance out of a dating relationship quicker than constantly digging in her purse to lend a guy a few extra bucks.

3. He disappears for periods of time without a reasonable explanation. A guy isn’t required to reveal his whereabouts to the woman he’s dating, however if he wants to establish a trust with her he’ll willingly answer any questions. If he hesitates or becomes angry and resentful when an innocent question is asked, that is reason to suspect that he is hiding something. An honest guy has no problem with revealing his activities to a woman he is serious about.

4. He tells a woman he’ll call at a certain time and he doesn’t. There are many reasons why a guy doesn’t call a woman, but someone who’s interested in a dating relationship doesn’t let the call slip his mind. Unless the guy encountered an emergency, a forgotten phone call is a sign that he doesn’t have much respect for the woman’s time.

5. He drives after drinking alcohol. A guy that does this has little respect for himself, his date, or anyone else on the road. The accident that is bound to happen is reason enough to stay clear of a guy who behaves this irresponsibly.

6. He talks rudely about his ex-girlfriends. This sort of behavior is an indication that a guy has a lack of class. Even if he was dumped and all of his criticisms are true, a gentleman chooses not to talk that way about a girl he cared for at one time.

7. He is unfaithful. A guy who cheats is clearly displaying the lack of respect he has for the woman he is dating. If he displays this behavior once, it’s likely that he’ll do it again. A woman who has been cheated on by a guy has to search her heart when it comes to giving him another chance. In most cases, when a guy truly cares for a woman he does not cheat on her.

8. He dismisses his dating partner’s concerns about their relationship. A guy who is seriously interested in pursuing a relationship with a woman will listen closely to her concerns. Alternatively, a guy who shrugs off a woman’s concerns is not treating her with the respect she deserves.

9. He never asks his date’s opinion. If a guy is too busy stating his opinions to ask for his date’s, he’s not interested in learning more about her. A guy who wants to get to know a woman will freely ask for her thoughts and opinions.

10. He constantly talks about his last girlfriend. A guy who talks about his previous girlfriend when he’s on a date with a woman, is not ready for a new relationship. He hasn’t closed the book on his last dating relationship. It’s definitely not an effective use of a woman’s dating time to listen to stories about another girl.


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