Milton Keynes Shopping Centre

Yesterday was quite a fun day. Did all my admin stuff (like sorting bills, paying bills, storing paid bills and other boring bits) and then Blakie came back home and I could see he was in a fun mood because the second thing he did after he blinked towards me, he came and jumped on me, both his feed wrapped around my waist. Yey! I have a massive baby! 🙂

We went shopping for his dad and even though he’s a man and when a man goes shopping he goes in and out in 20 seconds, he took the time to go in all the stores I saw interesting, waited until I ate my (oh so lovely) pistachio icecream, and we even had some sushi together on a bench in front of a brightly lit store that advertised the most modern and “leave a hole in your wallet”-type of watches. Yeah! The cutest thing ever, on the way back home, he looks at me and says – “How about me and a gay friend of mine go at the cinema?”. I was like “Cool, no worries! We’ll go another time.”  (PS: we had plans on watching Carrie)

“No, no, us three go together.”

“Hell no. I ain’t no third wheel!”

“No, it’s not a date, and you’re not a third wheel. You are with me. You and me are one. You are the part of me that without I am incomplete. YOU COMPLEEETEEE MEEE *continues singing* You can make me whoooole again!”

I started laughing. He is mental! I know that deep down in his woman-hating-heart he feels something for me. But it ain’t the same as what I do. I keep thinking: “Don’t let yourself be pulled in! He’s only thinking of you like a dog. Shows affection, pat on the head, the occasional walk, but it ain’t the love he would feel for a man.”

But still, got me smiling all night for no reason 🙂

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Written by theFerkel