Black and White

Went through my gaming bundle this weekend and guess what I’ve found – Black and White. The original. Not Pokemon, but a game so simple as it was hard. In this game, you play a god (cow god, wolf god, monkey god).
It makes you ask yourself – Who do you want to be? Do you want to be good? Do you want to rule your people with love, care and gentle pushes? Even if they sometimes make annoying requests at you – like : Find my cat…
Or do you want to be evil? Pure evil. Destroy any un-believer with a thunder strike. Start a war with a neighbor. Destroy villages to assert your power.

I went with the cow (of course). A gentle mammal, known for her good milk and massive tits 🙂
Very soon, annoyed with my people, I wished I went with the war wolf. He looked so much cooler. But is cool what matters? I just did not want to be weak and taken advantage of by those lousy villagers. So, I started burning down a tree here and there in my annoyance and the villagers wondered at my powers and their admiration grew. They sang songs about me and how gentle and caring I was. And then I was invaded by a brute next door and I lost all my villages.
The moral of the story: if you want to be annihilated by a mad dog, be nice and quiet. If you want to rule, step up and bite the bullet. It can’t be THAT hard.
I think this approach will suit me in business more than in my personal life. Which is good. ‘Cause currently there is no personal life to speak of… Grrr.

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Written by theFerkel