Pushing Daisies or a show with style

A few years back I got hooked on the story of a pie maker who can bring people back to life just by touching them. The story was called “Pushing Daisies” and it was funny, well written, and discontinued after just two seasons.
The tag line was about this cute, sweet guy who has this unique gift plus is good at cooking (pieees everywhere!)and while he can bring people back to life, the laws of entropy require a death – so if he does not put the person back to sleep within two minutes, somebody else will die instead.
When he finds out that his highschool sweetheart died, he brings her back to life (and kills a guard in the mean time) but now he cannot touch her anymore. How heartbreaking it is to be near someone you love but not be able to do anything to them! They can’t kiss, touch or hug – left to barely gaze at each other with love struck eyes.
They do find a way to be together in the end, but their relationship is kinda doomed as no-one can know she is dead-alive and they cannot touch. It’s sweet to watch them unfold either way and the dialogue is fantastic.

(And I fell in love with Chuck’s wardrobe selection!)

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Written by theFerkel