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cloudaeris36I bought this game a month ago, not knowing what to expect. My friend recommended it and I wanted to see Advent Children without being confused, so I bought the game. It wasn’t used–brand new. I go home, clear some memory off my card and start playing it. I knew that the graphics would be kinda crappy, and I accepted that–as long as I could get into the feel of the game I knew it’d be good. I read the whole instruction guide and was pleased to see some of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters were in it–Cloud, Aeris, Yuffie, and Cid. I also couldn’t wait to learn more about Barret, Tifa, Cait Sith, Red XIII, and Vincent. I didn’t judge them on how they looked. I did notice Tifa’s tiny skirt and shirt, but I like the outfit to tell you the truth ^_^’.
I started playing it, and really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. Now, I was under the impression that Cloud and Tifa were the predetermined couple of the game; I didn’t mind it, I liked Tifa. I like Barret too, although Cloud’s behavior ticked me off slightly. When I got to the part where you could buy a flower from Aeris, I did, then gave it to Tifa in hopes of raising her affection towards Cloud. So I kept on playing it, and I got to the part where Cloud falls and woke up in a church, with Aeris standing over him. She asked him to be his bodyguard from the Turks, and I was very surprised to see that Cloud agreed. I thought he wouldn’t care about her and just say something and leave, then was probably forced to help her because when he tried to leave the Turks would come in (the Turks are awesome XD). But he agreed, which surprised me. And even after he had to take her out on a date as payment? I started having speculations about the premeditated Cloud and Tifa fling. I didn’t really understand this until I went on FAQ’s to check on Materia locations (this was early in the game still) and I noticed a Dating FAQ, where you could go out with either Tifa, Aeris, or Yuffie. I didn’t read further so I didn’t spoil anything, but I was very surprised! This game gave you a choice!
At first I was going to continue with the Cloud and Tifa coupling, but then I began to wonder. Tifa and Cloud were childhood friends. I’m usually averse to the decision that if they were friends when they were kids they are meant for each other. I think Cloud might have had a crush on her, but not anymore (because of his coldness towards her), and she might have one on him now. Then I thought about the whole church thing. Cloud had softened up ever since then. Could Aeris’s beautiful face and warm smile captivated him? I believe so (I do believe Aeris is the prettiest in the game, followed by Yuffie and Tifa, mainly because I don’t think her red eyes went well with her brown hair. Although I do believe Aeris looked better without a red coat). I was starting to doubt the Tifa and Cloud couple a bit. There were scenes involving Aeris and Cloud that I truly adored, and I began to lose interest in Tifa.
Whenever I was told to make a party, I would always put Aeris in it, even if I was going to switch her out as soon as the scene was finished. I believed that by allowing Aeris to come along with Cloud, Aeris began to realize that Cloud trusted in her abilities and that was joyous to her. She became one of my most powerful characters. I then lost complete interest in Tifa’s crush on Cloud, and I decided that it was going to stay as a crush. I also believed if these events actually occurred, Tifa would get very little intimate notice from Cloud (I still liked Tifa, and I liked how she and Aeris remained friends when I was certain there would be a huge cat fight).
Then my favorite event in the entire game involving the two lovebirds was the Gold Saucer date. Cloud was minding his own business and Aeris came in, and decided they should have their date (notice how she didn’t forget, despite all the hardships they had encountered.) I loved the play, especially when Cloud kisses her hand and Aeris becomes flustered. Then, on the gondola, they were talking, and I believe the scenes they didn’t show was Cloud confessing his love to Aeris. Aeris became flustered and smiled at him, the fireworks began and they kissed. This may sound perverted, but I was thinking that they could have a good “night” together, but Cait Sith ruined it. That was really the only time I hated the cute li’l Toysaurus.
After Aeris left the party temporarily, I hoped to God she would gain a few levels in the time it took to get her back (she was my sole healer and very strong, I wanted to stay that way). I noticed bitterly that Tifa was making moves on Cloud while she was gone, which I found to be very low in class. After I went to the beautiful Forest of the Ancients to find Aeris, I thought that a lake with a large ‘shell’ nearby it would be a perfect place for Aeris and Cloud to talk. I had Vincent and Cid in my party. I went down and noticed Aeris praying. In my mind I was thinking ‘yay she’s back! Finally!’ I was expecting a boss of course, as I think it had been a while since I encountered one. The boss would probably grab Aeris and you would have to save her (to tell you the truth, I seriously don’t have a problem with a guy having to save a girl, unless they make it way too sexist like “oh I’m completely helpless I’m not even trying to stop him I’m going to faint now oooooh” like that. At least Aeris would be like “put me down or I shall curse you!”)
Then the scene with Aeris noticing Cloud while she’s kneeling on the ground, praying happened. I noticed the bright smile on her face that appeared when she saw it was Cloud. I cannot fully remember if Cloud smiled, but I knew he was happy to see her. Then, it pans to the ceiling, where Sephiroth jumps down, with his sword in hand. I expected Cloud to push Aeris out of the way and get injured by Sephiroth (which I thought would be a very nice expression of caring). But Cloud doesn’t notice him until it’s too late. Sephiroth stands behind her and stabs her through the chest. I dropped the controller. My mouth fell open. My heart sank, but I didn’t cry. I was just speechless. Although they didn’t have the technology to have character voices, I believe at one point Aeris says Cloud’s name before she dies. I noticed Cloud was crying, although poorly animated, so obvious it hurt me. I hated Sephiroth, I wanted him to die, right then and there. If the scene was in nowadays technology, there would have been blood (hopefully not overkill).
In my opinion, when Aeris is stabbed, she’d open her mouth and make a sort of gasp sound, not a scream. Cloud would drop his Buster Sword (which Sephiroth was telling him to kill her with) and stare, horrified, and Sephy pulled his sword out of her. Blood would spatter from the removal of the sword, and Aeris would fall forward, saying Cloud’s named in a pained voice before she hit the ground. Cloud would yell Aeris, and it would pan onto her, blood beginning to leak from the fatal wound. Whomever you had in your party would scream (Tifa), gasp (Yuffie), “oh my…god…” (Barret), “that’s not right…Aeris?” (Cid), eyes grow wide (Red), gasp (Cait Sith), stare with a sad look on face (Vincent). Dialogue, dialogue, cry…. (This scene was not meant to be disgusting I just think that’s what would happen). Her theme would play the entire time.
Then the boss fight happened, with her theme. I thought that was heartless of Sephy, to kill Cloud’s love and then force him to fight Jenova (whom I killed quicker than I usually would).
I thought the lake scene was sad and beautiful. I could imagine him saying a few things afterwards a bit different, like ‘I loved her…and now she’ll never be here…again…’ and things to that effect. This scene didn’t make me cry, until actually a few days later, where I was reading a fanfic on them, and this scene occurred (different than mine though), and I cried for a bit. Not bawling, just tears. I will not make Cloud go after Tifa or Yuffie to help heal the pain, for I believe it’ll just make it worse.

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Written by theFerkel