Soft and Sensitive or Hot And Sexy?


Let’s say you are looking to date again and you are offered with two options – one – a delicate, sensitive man, in touch with his innermost feelings, who is likely to compliment your eyes and your dress, talk about the stars and the moon and how your eyes outshine them all.
On the other end, you have the hot stud, not very brainy but with the looks. This is not a man of his word, he will keep you waiting and possibly ask you to pay for the dinner as well. He thinks that he is the gift of God on Earth to all the women and he is very generous with this gift, allowing everybody to have a share.
He is hot, he is sexy – and you know, that if and when you take him to bed, you will have a hell of a ride.
Now – one of them is awesome for long-term relationships. Guess which one?

I was faced with a dilemma the other day, mostly caused by my inability to commit to anything long term until my plans are complete. I had to pick between a very quiet nice guy (but a tad boring) and a very simple hot guy. Both of them bored me so I ended up picking none. Better single than being with someone I can’t talk to.
I talk a lot. I mean a lot. Having someone at the end pushing back, challenging me, giving me food for thought, is the best I could wish for in a relationship.

The reaction.
Upon being told that I do not intend to see him anymore, the sensitive guy, in all his previously nice manners, threw a tantrum in a public place, thus making a scene. He revealed a piece of ugly-ass personality that usually comes with massive insecurity issues and the feeling that the world is unkind to them and them alone.
I walked out as quickly as I could and went for a McDonalds shake.

The hot piece of ass dismissed my dumping comment and told me there are plenty of chicks who dig him and he wasn’t that interested in me to begin with. I was happy with the result and went for a McDonalds shake.

The conclusion.
There are plenty of fish in the pond. They are big, small, cute and ugly and I bet there is one out there exactly to my liking – and if it isn’t, I shall be happy with the life I have now and continue growing as a person.


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Written by theFerkel