Love Letter – Never Leave Me.

35449_587267114653516_1563436665_nI wish that I could explain to you how much you mean to me. I was a completely different person before we met. I was quiet, shy, never fully trusting another person. You’ve shown me that it’s ok to be who I am, and that the people who really love me won’t think any less of me for it.

I wish I could tell you how much I love you. But there just aren’t words, are there? The friendship we have is the kind that only comes along once in a lifetime. The kind where we can know what the other thinks and feels without saying a word. You mean everything to me- there really isn’t another way to put it

I wish you nothing but the best in your new life. It breaks my heart knowing that I won’t see you every day. I genuinely hope that you find all the happiness you deserve.

But I’m scared. I know it’s selfish, but I need you. And I need you to need me. It terrifies me that you could find someone else to pass the time with just talking like we have in your new life. Your friendship means more to me than anything else ever has, and I would be completely lost without it. I would like to think that I’m irreplaceable to you, and that there isn’t another person who could take my place in your life. But I’ve never thought that highly of myself.

Please don’t replace me. Please remember to call me when you can. I’ll always answer, and I’ll always be there for you. No matter what happens.

I love you to the moon and back

All my love,
Your broken-hearted friend

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Written by theFerkel