American Horror Story (Coven) – Must watch

I’ve been a huge fan of American Horror Story ever since it first came out a few years back and I loved Season 1 so much, I recommended it to all my friends and re-watched again the following Halloween.

When season 2 came out (Asylum) – I was not sure what I was expecting – maybe a continuation of the love story between Lily and Tate but the result was disappointing. The nuns, the psych ward, the alien abduction, the hidden serial killer ( 🙂 Zachary Quinto is the best! ) and the slightly controversial lesbian and inter-racial marriage themes – made it a bit hard to digest. It was not as fun and not as smart as the first season and there were a couple of moments when I felt like abandoning it like I did with Supernatural mid-season-8.

I lived through it and I almost forgot about it until this week when I saw that a new season came out – American Horror Story – Coven – this time with witches as the central theme. I was skeptical. What could they have done this season that would make it work? So I watched the first two episodes today and I was amazed. It was smart, it was catchy and as always, Lily Rabe was amazing. She always portrays her characters with such a passion and the southern twang is her key note.

I loved it.

It works on the premises that the witch gene is passed out through generations and even though sometimes it skips, it can manifest itself in girls (and apparently boys) when coming of age. The sex scene where Zoe becomes a black widow and kills her partner is one of the opening scenes and it’s hot (Game of Thrones hot!). She gets sent out to a boarding school for “Talented ladies” where she meets three other girls with special gifts – clairvoyance, a human voodoo doll and telekinesis. On a night out, the hot one gets drugged and gang raped by some frat boys (strong scene – beware the weak of heart)  and the other one falls in love with this cute freshman (Evan Peters). In the fight that follows, the boys run in a bus and drive off and the hot one comes and with a flick of her wrist turns over the bus and kills most except two which were in critical condition. The new love interest dies (and is split into many pieces as we later found out).

They do a spell to bring him back to life and the spell attracts a wandering witch with the ability to restore life. She is now nursing him back to health.

Oh – and there is a side plot about the search for eternal life and youth and the curse it contains.

For anyone who has read the “Mayfair witches” by Anne Rice – this is a definite must see. You can see New Orleans in the shoots, see the bayou and see the coven be created.

Below are a few promotional stills. Enjoy!


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I am TV buff so I had to comment….I actually gave up on Season 2 by episode 4. When they announced Kathy Bates and Angela Basset were ion this season I could not wait, and it has lived up to the hype.This season has me waiting for it come on every Wednesday and then watching 2x so I don’t miss anything. I agree it id must watch this season.


It seems this year they are strong on New Orleans – Just started watching The Originals – vampires, werewolves and the occasional Brit accent to make it authentic. Not as good as American Horror Story though!

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