Should I? Or shouldn’t I?


At least, this is how I feel now. I’ve fallen again!
I’ve been keeping my distance on purpose from my little gay friend. He has a boyfriend now, he’s very much in love – and everytime I see him, he’s absolutely shining from happiness. I can’t ruin that – otherwise I will hate myself for the rest of my life.
So, I decided to let it be and move on. And whatever life may bring, will be mine to bear.

Let me tell you the surprise I felt today when I detected a flirt from a very unlikely source!
I work a lot – blogging is one of the few pleasures I have (this and reading) – and during my work days, I was invited to a company day out (not mine) where I met this guy – Daniel. He was not what I imagined from the emails – he was tanned – blond and blue eyed. Supermodel.
Well, he got quite drunk during the day, and he did not leave my side too much. I put it on the booze and the desire to be polite with the new company guest.
A few weeks ago – I go on a company visit, to check up on progress – and he’s there! He makes me a drink, he asks about my life (and you know, the usual polite stuff).
But his body signals were all up in the air. He was looking me in the eye, his body was shifted towards mine and not his boss, and I could tell he was interested in me. And not in a professional way.
I ignored it as I was there to do other things.
And today, he starts emailing me about browsers (like “Yeah, so what’s the deal with Internet Explorer!”)… I know, I’m a bit geeky, and this type of conversation I actually find interesting and worth pursuing… so after a few emails backwards and forwards, he sends me one with his phone in his signature.

Now I know what you’re thinking – why would I interpret something like this as a flirt? Because we’ve been emailing each other for about a year now and this is the first time he actually puts his mobile number in his signature.
Like “call me maybe”.

I sat and started laughing on my own. I must look crazy!
I think he likes me. And he is soo good looking! Should I? Or shouldn’t I?


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Written by theFerkel

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