Game of Thrones

I started watching Game of Thrones season 1 again and it’s as exciting as the first time I laid my eyes on it.
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My favourite character must be Thyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) who becomes a true man, with a purpose, slowly but steadily, despite his small stature. He is whoring around, drinking loads, drifting from place to place reading and listening to people’s stories, trying to make the least impact to the great name he carries. And then when Mrs. Stark kidnaps him, things started turning for him – he makes his first true friend and his sharp nature comes out.

His dad notices his bravery in battle (I don’t think he knew that he was knocked up by one of his men’s battle hammers) and decides to send him to King’s Landing to set his sister and nephew straight as hand of the king.

Ned Stark (Eddard) was my second best. Calm and collected, straightforward and honest, he is put through hell and faced with the one choice no-one should face: family or honor. He chooses the first and still dies.

I never hated Geoffrey so much as when he decided to cut off his head.

The little cruel runt! Trying to play the big man leagues. And he has no thought about the consequences of his actions. I can’t wait until Danaeris comes and beats the living sh%$ out of him with her dragons.

Best show in the world!! If you have not watched so far sorry for the spoiler of Ned’s death. If you did – have another look at all the houses and families below (Scanned from the DVD boxset):

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Written by theFerkel